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Voluntary Contributions
Most Contributions Get You Something In Return and Ensures The Future Of This Site!

Voluntary Contributions support all of the efforts made by us on your behalf to provide up-to-date, free, writing resources of exemplary standards.

In this age of paid monthly subscriptions and pay-per-use resources, please do your part to keep this site operational and up-to-date with the resources and contacts needed to complete your creative projects.

Voluntary Contributions are just what the doctor ordered and to make the medicine taste that much sweeter, each contribution amount has various extras given to you after you have made a contribution below.

NOTE: if the fixed dollar amounts are not your style, you can make any size contribution (without the perks below if under $20.00) by using our PayPal button below. Bear in mind that any amount contributed helps this site. Even $5.00!
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$20.00 Silver Contribution

Contribute And Receive Copyright Basics Free!
For a $20.00 Silver Voluntary Contribution we supply you with a nifty and unique writer's add-in calculator for your Microsoft Windows desktop that automatically calculates what you should charge for your written work, plus receive an e-book on Copyright Basics: This e-book will teach you all about copyright protection, how to register your copyright, and how to copyright any creative work.
$35.00 Gold Contribution

Contribute and Receive Copyright Research Free!
For a $35.00 Gold Voluntary Contribution we provide you with all of the above, plus an Anagram Generator, used by Dan Brown to generate the anagrams in The Da Vinci Code book and movie, it has also has been featured in TIME magazine and on national television. This version is a fully functional, unlimited time trial, with an 80,000 word dictionary. They have a larger dictionary that can be purchased at their site if you need it and the details are enclosed within the software. You'll also receive an ebook on Copyright Researching: There are several ways to investigate whether a work is under copyright protection and, if so, the facts of the copyright. This manual will cover the search for a copyright renewal in the U.S. Copyright Office online database.
$50.00 Platinum Contribution

Contribute and Receive Copyright Chronicles.

Contribute and Receive Copyright Compendium.

Contribute and Receive Copyright Tutorial.

For a $50.00 Platinum Voluntary Contribution we provide you with all of the above, plus, if you contribute today you will receive a 50 Word/300 Characters text ad space in a future issue of our weekly mailing, Writers Site News! (ad value $35.00). Copyright Chronicles: These free audio articles teach you all about copyright law, copyright protection, how to register your copyright, and how to copyright any creative work. Copyright Compendium: You won't need to waste time researching copyright law or copyright information. We've included all the information in this 100+ page e-book. Our writers cover many diverse topics on copyright law, copyright registration, patent law, and trademark law. Copyright Tutorial: This is an interactive tutorial on how to search for a copyright in the U.S. Copyright Office online database allowing you full access to the information that is vital to fulfill your copyright needs.

Make a contribution today so that we're here tomorrow.

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