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Every day the Internet changes and those changes sometimes cause problems. Usually easy to solve, but occasionally a little more irksome. With that said, as of today, we want you to know that we are experiencing technical problems with a few email providers primarily due to their changes or installation of spam filtering software not recognizing our opt-in mail address.

Because of this problem, members are not receiving their subscription email and new members are not receiving their confirmation and free gift emails. This is not to say that you shouldn't sign up, only that you might have some difficulty so FYI we have made available the following:

Why should you care? Because if we can't deliver mail to you then you will lose access to our free writing resources. Something I'm sure neither of us want to see happen. If this problem arises with your membership, then you should follow our instructions below.

Why are we not dealing with it? We are, but we have limited human resources, plus the providers are busy, so, we're getting you involved to expedite a solution. They will react faster to their customers [ie you] than they will react to us. So it is in your own best interests to get involved.

What can you do about it? If your provider is on this list, then make contact at their appropriate email help or technical support address and let them know that you need to ensure that our mail is always allowed through to your account. Read Our Privacy Policy [new window pops up].

Please know that we send a "Writer's Site News" email on a regular basis, so that you receive notification of site upgrades, writing market developments, new writers' resources, etc.

Also know that before our mailings are sent out, they are tested and certified as "spam free content" by the Lyris Anti-Spam Content Checker, so the problem is not on our end if our mail is bounced back to us from your email account.

Instructions: If you have an account with one of the following and you are not receiving our confirmation or welcome emails or our weekly email titled "Writer's Site News" from address "" sender name "Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l", then there is a problem. You will need to contact their technical support people to clear it up. It may be their filtering, or, it may be within your own account settings, so please check your email account filters and your spam and bulk email folders first.

Generally Speaking Solutions:

Check your spam or bulk email folder. Email from may have accidentally arrived in your spam or bulk email folder instead of your inbox, depending on the settings in your email program (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) or your email provider (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Also, add to your address book, your safe list, white list, friend's list -- whatever your provider terms this. Most email providers or spam-filtering software programs give you the option to add companies and people to a list so that their mail will be received by you. Check with your email provider to see what steps you can take to ensure you receive messages originating from our address.

No matter which provider you use read the tips below.

* AOL users: We were notified by several AOL members that sometimes you can force eMails into your Inbox simply by adding our eMail address to your address book or to your "People I Know" list. Taking this action allows our emails through, regardless of AOL blocking. Please be sure that you add the address: to your address book or to your "People I Know" list, sender name: Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l. You might also want to look in your SPAM folder. AOL quite often drops our confirmation and welcome emails into the SPAM folder until you clear our address as described above. If this does not work, contact AOL at to approve us.

** YAHOO users: Our mail is initially considered "bulk mail" by Yahoo. Look in your bulk mail folder. Find our email(s) titled "Writer's Site News". Click on said email. Then right beside our "From:" information click the link "This Is Not Spam" and inform Yahoo about the fact that you want to receive our mail. Also allow Yahoo to create an automatic filter for you to have the mail delivered to your inbox. This may solve the problem.

*** HOTMAIL users: Within your account is a "Junk Mail" link. Clicking that link will bring up your settings screen as follows:

Choose your Junk E-Mail Filter level:
. Default - obvious junk e-mail is caught.
. Enhanced - most junk e-mail is caught.
. Exclusive - you will only receive e-mail from addresses
appearing in your Contacts, service announcements from Hotmail,
and messages you have consented to receive from MSN.
Note: At Enhanced and Exclusive levels, wanted messages are
occasionally identified as junk e-mail. Check your junk e-mail
folder regularly to make sure wanted e-mail has not been moved

Another note about MSN/hotmail accounts : If you sign up for a new MSN/hotmail account and do not login a second time within 10 days the hotmail account will be suspended, PLUS if you do not log in at least once/month said hotmail account will be suspended.

One last twist for Hotmail users: If your email account setting is "Exclusive" then you must add us to your contact list. Please be sure that you add the address: to your address book, sender name: Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l to avoid interruption of access to our resources. If for whatever reason you are still not receiving our weekly email titled "Writer's Site News", you must contact Hotmail Technical Support to request that the mail be cleared and delivered into your account.

**** EARTHLINK -- AND OTHER ANTI-SPAM SOFTWARE: We cannot click a link to have our email sending address added to your "clear", "friend" or "white list" in order for you to receive our confirmation email, welcome email or any of our general mailings. Why? Because our email server address [where our mail comes from] is different than where our incoming mail is received. If your software sends a response email to our sending address, it is automatically forwarded to our email service department for processing. These people are volunteers who use a different address to respond to your email. Hence clicking your link to confirm the address your software was forwarded to causes our customer service department email address to be cleared - not our sending address. With that said, you can manually add us to your "white list" using the noted instructions above.

This list may change over time. Please check here first if you have suddenly lost access privilege to our links database.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Rowdy Rhodes
Site Manager
Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l

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