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Prizes For Your Prose & Poetry
By IN House Staff
June, 2007, 07:10

Returning with opportunities to test your poetry and prose across the pond.
Do you need an outlet for your poetry and prose? Or maybe you just like to get paid. The New Writer (TNW) magazine is opening its 2007 writing contest. You have until November 30, 2007 to send in your entries.

This is the eleventh year for these international competitions in short stories, novellas, single poems, poetry collections, essays, and articles. Cash prizes for first, second, and third place winners as well as publication for the prize-winning authors in The Collection a special edition of The New Writer magazine, published in July comprise the booty at stake.

You can give your submissions an enhanced chance of success by following the contest guidelines. Type your work clearly on one side of white A4 paper, double-spaced and paperclipped. Make as many submissions as you like. Include your name, address, title of the piece, word count, and competition category on a separate cover page with each entry. For complete guidelines and entry fees, visit The New Writer magazine Prose and Poetry Prizes.

The New Writer editorial board will perform the initial judging, and a panel of prestigious guest judges will make final selections. Create no identifying marks on your entries other than the cover sheet that accompanies each entry. Any entries submitted with identity on any pages other than the cover sheet will be disqualified. Previous judging panels have included Robyn Young, Robert Seatter, Mimi Thebo, Simon Scarrow, Jane Draycott, Ros Barber, Margaret Graham, and Phil Whitaker.

Enter short stories up to 4,000 words long and serial/novellas up to 20,000 words long on any subject or theme, in any genre except children's. Do not submit previously published work in these categories or it will be disqualified. The fee for each entry of a short story is 4.00, and for each serial/novella is 10.00. The prizes in each of these categories are 300.00 for first prize, 200.00 for second prize, and 100.00 for third prize.

Enter single poems up to 40 lines long or a collection of 6-10 poems. For single poem entries, the poems must not have been previously published. In the collection category, previously published poetry may be included. The fee for each entry of a single poem is 4.00, and for each collection is 10.00. The prizes in poetry are 100.00 for first prize, 75.00 for second prize, and 50.00 for third prize.

Enter essays, articles, or interviews covering any writing-related or literary topic up to 2,000 words long. The fee for each essay, article, or interview is 4.00. The prizes in each category are 150.00 for first prize, 100.00 for second prize, and 50.00 for third prize. 
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