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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Illusion
By Char Milbrett
June, 2007, 10:40

I got up one morning for work to find a note on the kitchen table written by my son. It said, "Mom, I don't exactly know what the (*!#) is going on, but it is 2 a.m., a cat is in your car, and your headlights are on. I do not know how it got in there, but, I let it out, and turned off your lights." I started to laugh. I even brought the note to work with me and showed everyone. I could picture him peeking through the window, opening the door and the cat springing out of the car.
Well. It all started, because I bought groceries and then stopped to buy some Hot and Spicy chicken sandwiches for my lunch the next day. Well. I'm only human, and the sandwiches made it half way home before I devoured them. Of course, since I am a slob, I tossed the foil wrappings on the floor mat to deal with when I got home. Once home, I started unpacking the groceries that I had gotten, and in the middle of that, decided to start another vehicle to check it's transmission fluid. In the two minutes that I left the groceries unattended and the door open, the cats apparently jumped into the car and investigated the chicken smell. Upon returning to the vehicle, I only saw one cat and made it get out of the car. That leaves one cat for my story. In the eight hours of being trapped in the car, it managed to chew up the foil wrappers, but found no chicken. For the cat, it was all an illusion.
Even as a writer, sometimes you have things that inspire you to take the action to write, even if the idea is only an illusion. Sometimes it is just the illusion that gets you there.

So, here are the top 10 resources I have selected to help you create that illusion:
Wooden Horse Publishing
Information from over 2,000 US and Canadian consumer and trade print publications.
Thomson Gale Free resources
Explanations of terms used by writers.
What's the Plural of "Virus"?
Interesting notes on things writers need to know.
How-to Health
If you are writing health books, be conscientious.
Christine Buske
Learn to be open to your environment, to spot ideas that already exist and mold them for your own use.
Hidden Freelance Market
Learn how to find your niche. There are more jobs online for the freelancer, not fewer.
Do Good Music
Article: An Economy of Words, by Lewis Greer
All about books, writing, and publishing.
Annette Green Authors' Agency
A place to submit your work.
Introduction to Modern Literary Theory
Read and learn.
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