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Second Annual FutureVision Short Story Contest
By Anne R. Allen
June, 2007, 07:49

Taking imagination to a contest level for the second year in a row - FutureVision.
Do you see a global crisis looming in the future? How do you envision life without oil in a time of escalating planet warming? Will we revert to small communities no longer joined by jet travel and superhighways? Could this lead to a time of spiritual reawakening?

If you've been itching to write a fictional exploration of what life might be like in the not-so-distant future, or a cautionary tale to urge preparation for major global changes, let your imagination have free reign . . . and enter the second annual HopeDance speculative fiction contest.

Since the magazine's debut a decade ago, HopeDance has reported on the outrageous, pioneering, and inspiring activities of outstanding individuals and organizations who are creating a new world – regardless of spiritual tradition or political agenda.

Besides publishing the bi-monthly journal, HopeDance facilitates forums, workshops, and film festivals that promote ecologically sustainable, practical, down-to-earth solutions, and a holistic, healthy, and awakened population. Their goal is to bring together voices from the healing, spiritual, and progressive political communities.

The FutureVision Contest closes September 30, 2007. The limit is 1,000 words – an opportunity to hone your self-editing skills. Prizes will be $100 US, $75 US, and $50 US, plus publication on the HopeDance website. The entry fee is $10 US for the first story and $5 US for additional submissions.

The story must be previously unpublished and professionally formatted – double-spaced and printed on one side of the paper in a standard font. Please submit three copies, and staple together each copy.

Include a cover sheet listing title, word count, and author's name, address, e-mail, and phone number. Author's name must not appear on the manuscript, but put the title on every page. Manuscripts will not be returned. Winners will be notified by e-mail. Further information will be available at the HopeDance website.

No essays please. The piece must be fiction and will be evaluated on development of character, plot, setting, and emotional impact. And, yes, spelling, punctuation, and grammar do count.

Send with entry fee to:
HopeDance Contest
P.O. Box 15609
San Luis Obispo, CA

Or, if you’re lucky enough to be on the Central Coast of California this summer, drop it off at the HopeDance Film Library inside the Novel Experience Bookstore, 779 Higuera Street, in downtown San Luis Obispo.
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Anne R. Allen is a California novelist and book editor who has been living part time in the UK. Her latest comic novel, The Best Revenge, An Historical Novel Of The 1980s, (Babash-Ryan) debuted in the UK in 2005 and is available from and most UK bookshops. Her first novel with Babash-Ryan, Food Of Love is available from and as well as

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