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INside Scoop
Straight To The Good Stuff
By Julie A. Pierce
June, 2007, 16:40

As the saying goes, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." It seems to be the story of my life at the moment.  As I adjust one thing to make room for what I consider to be my priorities, something quickly moves into its place before I am able to get to those priorities.

In light of moving targets and quick change, I'll cut to the chase with my editorial introduction to this edition of IN. I believe we've got another valuable, information-packed, entertaining edition to help keep you moving in the direction of your writing goals.

Our cover author George C. Chesbro has seen a lot over the three decades of his published writing career, and we are privileged to learn from his experience. In the excerpt from An Affair Of Sorcerers his skill is on display. For a challenging writing exercise, try copying his surreal style.

From, we present Wanda Dailey and Joan Upton Hall with INside Authors. From their interviews we learn that there may be a trend of early childhood indicators about who becomes a writer.

Getting to brass tacks our columnists tackle five topics close to any writer's heart. Anne Allen helps us understand and create good, solid synopses. We no longer need to dread them. Jennifer Edelson realizes the importance of hard and fast deadlines in Done At Last!

In a different approach to the query letter, Peggy Bechko outlines specifically how not to write one and she has a new book out. Ken Robinson investigates an author's existential quandary in Why Be A Writer? And Helen Dunn Frame demonstrates the value of adding photos to your writing to increase sales.

If your fiction is flat and lacking in the jazz that reflects real life, Joyce Faulkner's Making It Real should be of interest give your writing shots of intimacy, intrigue, and intensity. If you seem to have lost that loving feeling, Kimberly Dawn Wells suggests taking it on the road to rediscover your inner writer.

J.R. Kambak concludes his series on key plot points, bringing the script to a brilliant resolve. Stan Grimes investigates the inner workings of a poet's mind and discovers a certain nuance of sensitivity and clarity.

As usual, Joan Neubauer is conquering the tough questions of how to create a track record if no one will publish you, and she walks us through the creation of a formal nonfiction book proposal. Hone your imaginative skills with Char Milbrett's Top 10 Resources for the creating illusion.

The FWO-Int'l is once again roll-called on the Writer's Digest Best 101 Site List and, as the flagship publication, IN and all of our volunteers can share in this honour. We have collectively picked up this nomination and can share the pride.

Get your vision of the future down in black and white and share it in the second annual FutureVision Short Story Contest. Anne Allen tells us how. Debra Weaver gives us some important reminders about finding more interesting descriptors and action verbs to fill our stories, while Marjorie Allen introduces us to the creation of picture books for early elementary readers.

Anthony Ackerley has discovered three more titles that you may want to add to your writing resource shelf. His informative book reviews help you choose the right books to read about writing.

Do you remember the first things you learned about writing and the tenuous steps you took toward expressing your inner world? Penelope Jensen finds inspiration among a group of 6th-graders who are doing just that.

And it's time again for the The New Writer magazine's annual Prose and Poetry Prizes competition. You have seven categories to choose from and multiple entries are welcome.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and read and then write!
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 Julie Pierce
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