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Do You Have An Audience?
By Stan Grimes
May, 2007, 07:53

Blogs are the mice that roar all forms of written opinions around the world.
You sit down at your keyboard, or pick up your pen, and say to yourself, "I am going to write about politics." You have had enough of the lies and bickering going on in Washington D.C. You have had enough of the war, illegal immigration, and you're sick and tired of this country's healthcare issue. You're going to write a masterpiece to tell these #^*!@!#$ off. You're going to send it to…? Who are you going to send it to? Someone who will listen, right? Sure.
You are a very lucky person. It just so happens many forums are available in which your words can be heard. Believe it or not, a regular day-to-day citizen such as yourself can be heard. We are fortunate today to have the Internet.

On this great artery of universal communication there are blogging websites, ezines, and electronic news medias. As you read this article, you are experiencing one of the many outlets available for persons wanting to express their opinions to others. The American Chronicle is another excellent spot for pouring out your views on the world around you.
The secret to having your article considered for publication on some of these well-established sites is self-control. Most ezines and enews sites require you to clean up your vulgarities, tone down your hatred, and present your case within guidelines set forth by the publisher. In other words, don't use language you normally use in the break room at your day job. Another secret is proofreading. Write your tirade or informative article, and then check it for grammatical and spelling errors. Also, make sure it makes sense. In other words, try to read your production through objective eyes (hard to do sometimes).
Another suggestion, try to find a medium that fits your interest. If you're a left wing radical looking to crush the conservatives' viewpoint, find an ezine with similar views. In the same vein, if you're an ultra conservative, find a site with your interests.
Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon. If you haven't been living in a cave for the past couple of years, you'll know that often opinions expressed on various blog sites have been read on national television networks such as CNN, CBS, and others. Actually, bloggers (the individual writing the blog) have been guests or guest reporters on various nationwide networks.
So, Mr. Every-Day Joe, there is an audience just waiting for your political crusade. I would be remiss too if I did not mention your local newspaper. Often newspapers have an open forum for citizens to express their views – even anonymously if you choose. My advice, my disenchanted writing friends, is to get out there and tell the world how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with what's going down in the streets of life. Get your words out there.
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Stan Grimes has published a number of poems in various anthologies and on his website His science fiction novel, Squirrel Mountain Trilogy, is available through Double Dragon Publishing. Talbert's Plunge, a novel, is due out in early June, 2007. Stan resides with his wife in Logansport, Indiana and enjoys discussion with new novelists and poets.

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