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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Appreciation
By Char Milbrett
May, 2007, 10:40

Because I've been married for 22 years and have (shhh) put on a few pounds during that time, my wedding ring is a couple sizes too small. I ventured into a jewellery store the other night after work and inquired whether they could make some adjustments and get it to fit. The storekeeper and his wife run their small shop in my hometown. Apparently, he must be a little hard of hearing, because I explained to her what I wanted and she loudly asked him to look at my ring. He looked at her and me and said "What?"

He approached me and asked what I was after. I asked if it were possible to resize my ring. He told me that it was, and asked me if I had it with me. I handed it to him and he paused, asked me to hold up my hand, and he looked at the finger that it was supposed to fit. "Oh, yes. You are a little bigger, um, hmm." So, then, we both went to the back of his shop, he walked into a small area with a swinging door, closed it behind him, and when he got to his desk, he turned and sat down. Of course, as he sat down, he looked up at me. I looked at him. He said, "What?" and looked at me.
I hadn't said anything, but his wife had made some comment behind me to the next customer. I said "It wasn't me, I didn't say anything."  He asked me to repeat this sentence; still, he couldn't make it out, so he got up off his chair, walked back over to me, and asked me what I said. I repeated that I hadn't said anything. He again went and sat down. He looked at the ring through the eyepiece that he was wearing and told me that the prongs holding my diamond were getting worn and I was close to losing them. "You'll eventually need to get your setting fixed. Probably not right away," he said, "but it will need to be done." Then he told me that he could cut my ring, add a small piece of gold to make bigger, and put lines down the center to mimic the double ring that I already had.
The resizing was $60.00, and the prong rework would cost $200.00. I looked at him and asked if it was really worth doing all that, since 22 years ago my husband bought this ring from this same shop, but different owners, for less than $800.00 although, that jeweller was going out of business and had given my husband a good deal.

This jeweller reminded me that it definitely would be worthwhile fixing it, since the ring had appreciated in value over the past 20 years, the price of gold had tripled, and the diamond value had also increased. He also said that it was expensive to fix because it was precision work. It was an interesting experience. I thought I would take the ring home and ask my husband if he wanted the work done. Apparently, he thought that fixing the ring was a good idea, but, I didn't have to rush right out and get it done. So, I'll probably, eventually, have it done, just not immediately. Like writing, sometimes you do not appreciate the value of your writing, and sometimes someone has to remind you that although time changes the value of things, things of real worth either remain of value or become more valuable.

And so, I present the following top 10 resources about appreciating your writing ideas:
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