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INside Scoop
A Writing Roller Coaster
By Julie A. Pierce
April, 2007, 08:23

here are times when even well thought out plans are quietly put to rest and, with seemingly little effort but great apprehension, Plan B is pulled from the shelf and implemented. This is one of those rare occasions when Inkwell Newswatch is forced to do just that.

We apologize to our loyal readers, writers, and authors for the unfortunate news that needs to be delivered within this editorial. The combination of events that have unfolded within our ranks has been most stressful, almost beyond tolerable levels, and most joyous, never to be forgotten, both with consequences that need some explanation.

For those of you who are subscribers to our weekly mailing, Writers Site News, you may be aware that Rowdy and I have been unavailable for two completely separate, either-end-of-the-spectrum reasons.

Rowdy has been dealing with life and death circumstances concerning his mother. She is 89 years old and was admitted to hospital with a severe case of pneumonia caused by an infection created by a strain of e-coli that ran throughout her system. In light of the fact that she's been battling terminal cancer since January 2005, it is absolutely astounding that this woman is still alive and currently on the mend. Doctors anticipate a full recovery and a return home in the very near future.

Rowdy, on the other hand, is now currently in need of some necessary space, downtime, and recovery. He found his Mom in her bed, at 5:00 a.m. March 30th on the verge of death. He ordered an ambulance and rushed her to hospital. To say the least, they have both gone through a tremendous personal ordeal.

During March I took on a large corporate project and it has been a challenge for me from the start. The difficulty is not in the work itself, but rather the attention and energy it requires. This is time I previously dedicated to IN. With my focus thinned and stretched, I kept reminding myself of Ken Robinson's article about using your everyday experience to benefit your writing. Absorb the people and participation as material to use when you do get back to creating. Even with this in mind, I could see that I had ordered up a super-size entree. This in itself is never a problem as Rowdy and I always team up to cover the bases, however Rowdy was buried dealing with his mother's doctors and her medical problems.

On a happier note for me, this year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. How could I turn down his romantic gesture of a second honeymoon vacation to Hawaii for a full week of relaxation and dedicated attention? We are both very involved with work every week and the time alone in Hawaii together was a wonderful gift.

In the fifteen years we've been a couple, this is the first time we've gone on a trip without kin or comrades to accompany us, and, to a destination that was not to visit family or friends. In other words, this was our very first trip alone together. It turned out to be a wonderful, magical experience.

The confluence of events in time and the fact that Rowdy and I produce IN on a volunteer basis resulted in a rough April for this publication. Now if we can just get things situated so that our dear friend and ringleader Rowdy can achieve his own magical getaway, and if I can get my priorities straightened away, then things here at IN would really be shiny.

The content for IN is assembled but it takes a major commitment to bring it live to you, our readers, in the format you have grown to appreciate. Inkwell Newswatch is our labour of love and we publish it because we see it as a valuable offering to the writing community. We know that you support us and we appreciate your understanding. The April edition is not ready for you to read so we are moving it to the month of May. This will transport us upward and onward, away from what looks like a bit of a wreck at the moment. There's a lot to do and little time to do it, but the clean-up crew is returning.

We've got great content lined up that you won't want to miss so stay tuned. We'll be back good as new as soon as we can get re-organized. In the meantime we're leaving the March edition live until we're ready and able with our next edition.

As the Hawaiians say, "Mahalo" for your patience and understanding.IN Icon

Julie Pierce
Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

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