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Top 10 Resources
Top 10 : Fear
By Char Milbrett
March, 2007, 10:59

The other day, I was in the kitchen, talking to my daughter. The phone rang and it was my husband, inquiring about things at home. After I got off the phone, I headed back into the kitchen. Interrupted by a noise in my cupboard, a particularly annoying sound of scraping and crunching, I said "Do you hear that? There is a mouse in my cupboard, chewing on my Tupperware again. Last time, the mouse chewed up some cover and turned it into plastic shavings. Grrr, I'll show him a thing or two!

I walked over to the cupboard, flung open the door, and yelled "RAHHHHRRR" into the opening. A totally surprised mouse tumbled out and stopped on the floor in front of my feet. Now it was my turn to be surprised. Not expecting to see this mouse, I let out a bloodcurdling screech. In response, the mouse hot-footed it past me and hid under a towel on the floor. I walked over to the towel and picked it up. Yes, you guessed it, I screamed again, as the mouse was hanging onto the towel. Letting go, he plopped to the ground and scampered across the floor again, disappearing out of sight.

I turned around and my daughter was staring at me with a slightly amused look on her face. She asked, "What was that all about? Rahhhhrrr, eeeeeeeck, eeeeeeeck!" We both started to giggle. Then, we heard my son coming down the stairs ever so gently. He peeked cautiously around the corner. "What IS going on?" he asked. He went on to say that he had been in his room, and not knowing what to make of the shrill scream he had heard, hadn't been sure that he'd be safe coming downstairs or not. He and his friends were asking each other, "What is going on down there?"

Well, perhaps writers are afraid of things, too.

The following are the top 10 resources to help you get over your fears:
Dedicated to helping writers channel fear into creative energy.

Fear of Writing
Write, get published, defeat writer's block, create PDF's, recover lost files on your computer, and more.

Snowden Editorial Services Resources for Writing Creative Nonfiction
All kinds of resources for all kinds of writers.

Write from Home --Freelance Writing Community for Parents
Helping writers manage kids and clips under one roof.

All writers share one thing in common the desire to write.

Black on White
Getting into good habits and finishing what you start.

NetWords: Hints, Tips & Advice for Freelancers
For writers and editors. 

The place to get noticed and exchange ideas on the web with other writers, editors, agents, and publishers.

U.S. Copyright Office
Official website for the U.S. Copyright Office. Forms and information available to the general public.

CIPO Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Official website for CIPO. Information and assistance available to the general public.

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