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Editorial Calendar
INventory: May-Jul/07
By IN House Staff
December, 2007, 02:15

Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Editorial Calendar

Updated: July 22, 2007
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INside Scoop Editorial
And The Band Played On, by Julie A. Pierce
Straight  To The Good Stuff, by Julie A. Pierce
Hecklers And Helpers, by Julie A. Pierce
On The Cover
Robert McCammon
George C. Chesbro
Faye Kellerman
INside Authors
Bob Jamison
Wanda Dailey
George Elias Afara
Constance Wemberley
Joan Upton Hall
Kate Rigby
IN Her Own Write, by Anne R. Allen
Hooks, Loglines, And Pitches
The Dreaded Synopsis
Writers' Conferences?
Bitter Quill, by Jennifer Edelson
Part III: It's A Fact
Done At Last!
The Last Quill
Pen IN Hand, by Peggy Bechko
How Not To Write A Query Letter
Six Editing Hints For Writers
Get A Clue
Write On!, by Ken Robinson
Continuing Education
Why Be A Writer?
Write Form
INstruction, by Helen Dunn Frame
Background INformation
Photos INcrease Sales
Writing INterruptus
Writer's Life
Out Of Order, by Kimberly Dawn Wells
Part I: Making Fiction Real, by Joyce Faulkner
Remember The Reader, by Bev Walton-Porter
Pet Prose, by Lori Myers
Rediscover Your Passion, by Kimberly Dawn Wells
Part I: Researching Nonfiction, by Carol Adrienne, Ph.D.
Screen & Stage
Part I: Script's Key Plot Points, by JR Kambak
Part II: Script's Key Plot Points, by JR Kambak
Lingua Scriptus, by JR Kambak
A Poem Is A Little Path, by Charles Ghigna
The Mind Of A Poet, by Stan Grimes
Writing Poems, by Stan Grimes
Tool Kit
Top 10, by Char Milbrett
Advice/Q&A, by Joan Neubauer
Neubauer's Nuggets
Neubauer's Nuggets
Neubauer's Nuggets
Are These Mistakes Costing You Money? Part Two by Paul Hooper-Kelly
Part I: Early Elementary Picture Books, by Marjorie Allen
Part II: Early Elementary Picture Books, by Marjorie Allen
Book Reviews
Screenwriting For Teens, by Christina Hamlett - reviewed by J. R. Kambak
Finding Your Voice, by Les Edgerton - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Will Write For Shoes: How To Write A Chick Lit Novel, by Cathy Yardley - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Plot, by Ansen Dibell - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
How To Write And Publish A Classic Cookbook, by Hays, Rolfes & Associates - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Immediate Fiction: A Complete Writing Course, by Jerry Cleaver - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
The Art Of Fiction, by Ayn Rand - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Take Joy: A Writer's Guide To Loving The Craft, by Jane Yolen - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice For Beginning Poets, by Ted Kooser - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Items of INterest
FADE IN: Pitch Fest, by J.R. Kambak
FWO-Int'l Returns To The Coveted Writers Digest Spot, by IN House Staff
Hallowed Hallows, by Mark London
Murdered For Her Words, by Christina L'Homme
Swat Those Be's, by Debra Weaver
The Golden Years Of Young Adult Fiction, by G. Kyle White
The Write Answer, by Judy Adourian
Author's Night At Salmon Bay, by Penelope Jensen
Writing For Chicken Soup For The Soul, by Debra Weaver
Do You Have An Audience?, by Stan Grimes
Second Annual FutureVision Short Story Contest, by Anne R. Allen
Can Your Day Job Inspire Your Writing, by Dr. Liz Hardy
Dealing With Rejection, by Amanda Eaton
Prizes For Your Prose & Poetry, by IN House Staff
L.A. Author Takes Her Plea To Oprah, by IN House Staff
What A Novella Idea!, by IN House Staff
Ad Boost, by IN House Staff

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