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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Fun And Education
By Char Milbrett
January, 2007, 10:40

o you ever wonder about obscure things? Or, am I the only one? Like, for example, do bugs have lungs? If you put bugs in a jar, when they die, was it because they couldn't breathe or was it for some other reason like starvation? Is that not a pathetic thought bugs in a panic because they cannot breathe?

Imagine yourself in the bug's position, gasping for air, thinking to yourself, "Air . . . I need air!"

Oh, my. That creates a surge of guilt. I'm feeling pretty bad about myself now. However, I guess there are enough bugs to go around, so that I need not worry. No one is going to remember when I am ninety-two and hold it against me. I can see it now: 92 years-old, I'm walking down the sidewalk, and perfect strangers are pointing at me, shaking their heads, gritting their teeth and growling, "bug killer," under their breath.

Here's another obscure thing: why is it considered lucky to have a foot off of a rabbit? That rabbit certainly was not lucky. Poor thing! Clumping around on three legs. How sad!

Oh, and before I forget to tell you, bugs actually don't have lungs.

Here are the Top 10 links to assist you in finding obscure information for writing about odd subjects or coming up with interesting words and such:
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Technical Writing
A short course on writing technical reports, by Nancy Halligan.

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Plain Language
Historical quotes to whet your appetite improving communication from the Federal Government of the USA to the general public.

Jacob Richman's Hot Sites
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