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Editorial Calendar
INventory: Jan-Mar/07
By IN House Staff
December, 2007, 02:20

Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Editorial Calendar

Updated: March 17, 2007
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INside Scoop Editorial
No Symptom Too Small, Julie A. Pierce
Feelings And Details, Julie A. Pierce
The Discipline Factor, by Julie A. Pierce
On The Cover
Philip Carlo
Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Lisa Scottoline
INside Authors
Steve Chappell
Rick Chiantaretto
Sharon Shaw Elrod
Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
Donna Lancaster
Doug Foshee
IN Her Own Write, by Anne R. Allen
Update Your Scam Protection For 2007
Naming Your Fictional Characters
The Secret Formula For Landing An Agent
Bitter Quill, by Jennifer Edelson
The Movement Of Time
Part I: It's A Fact
Part II: It's A Fact
Pen IN Hand, by Peggy Bechko
Listings Of Success Creating Great Titles
The Writers' Conference
Write On!, by Ken Robinson
Integrating Real Life And The Writing Life What Is This Ebook Thing? Strong Characters
INstruction, by Helen Dunn Frame
Writing IN Your Paradise
Think Revenge With A Pen
Writing Trade-Outs
Writer's Life
Preschool Picture Books, by Marjorie Allen
Devilish Details, by Joyce Faulkner
Reality Suspension, by Rowdy Rhodes
The Corporate Newsletter: Putting It Together, by Karen Braynard
Wait - There's Money In Junk Mail, by Karen Braynard
Successful Influence, by Julie Pierce


Screen & Stage
Don't Shoot The Script Reader, by J.R. Kambak
Scriptspeak: Writing Dialogue, J.R. Kambak
Origins Of The Screenplay, by J.R. Kambak
Spying On The Muse, by Charles Ghigna
Writing And Revising The Perfect Poem, by Charles Ghigna
Six Steps To Seeing Like A Poet, by Charles Ghigna
Tool Kit
Top 10, by Char Milbrett
Fun & Education
Advice/Q&A, by Joan Neubauer
Neubauer's Nuggets
Neubauer's Nuggets
Neubauer's Nuggets
Benefits of Media Coaching for Book Authors by Christopher Simmons
Journey Within Your Mind, by Rowdy Rhodes
PartI: Are These Mistakes Costing You Money?, by Paul Hooper-Kelly
Book Reviews
Character Naming Sourcebook, by Sherrilyn Kenyon - reviewed by Billie Wiliams
Writing On Both Sides Of Your Brain, by Henriette Anne Klauser - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Desciptionary: A Thematic Dictionary, by Marc McCutcheon - reviewed by Brenda Jenkins Kleager
How To Write A Dirty Story, by Susie Bright - reviewed by Billie Williams
Zen In The Art Of Writing, by Ray Bradbury - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, by Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark - reviewed by Brenda Jenkins Kleager
The Portable MFA, by Tim Tomlinson - Reviewed by Billie Williams
On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft, by Stephen King - reviewed by Anthony Ackerley
Roget's Descriptive Word Finder, by Barbara Ann Kipfer, Ph.D. - reviewed by Brenda Jenkins Kleager
Items of INterest

Web Feat, by Lori Myers

Query The Trades, by Torrey Meeks
TV News Writers, by Gene Lenore
Part II: Successful Technical Writer, by Patrick M. Kennedy
Obituary: Ryszard Kapuscinski, by Rowdy Rhodes and J.R. Kambak
The "P" Word, by Lori Myers

Trade Away Your Starvation, by Torrey Meeks

Obituary: Sidney Sheldon, by Rowdy Rhodes
The Follow Up, by Torrey Meeks
Freedom Without A Net, by Mark London
Psychotropic Site Management, by Rowdy Rhodes
Obituary: Doris Anderson, by Mark London
Expose Yourself & Guard Your Rights, by Amanda Eaton
Writing Descriptions, by Sue Rich
The Order Of Letters, by Penelope Jensen
Writing A Book Proposal by Rowdy Rhodes

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