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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Persuader
By Char Milbrett
November, 2006, 10:50

o, you want to make it as a copywriter? You want to write letters that make people stop, stare at your words, and think, "Oh gosh, I must have that." Well, don't take any advice from me. I have never been a copywriter. Or, have I? Hmmm. I've definitely been interested in being a copywriter.

So, what do you suppose copywriting is all about? You need to grab the reader's attention and keep it through the next 500 words; maintain his interest and focus; and then, the biggie, persuade him to buy the very thing you are talking about.

So, how hard could that be? Well, apparently, some people do not think that talking someone into something is that easy. Apparently, some people do not think that talking people into anything is that easy. Oh? Really? Perhaps they have just forgotten how easy it really is.

Little kids are natural experts. If they want something, they connect with their audience emotionally and force the issue.

Dogs know how to do it too. I've even seen my own dog do it. Silly dog comes into the room where I am, and looks at me. Wiggles around. Smacks his lips. Looks expectant. Nudges my hand. And if, after all that, I don't respond, he lies down, gets a glazed look in his eyes, and sighs. Loudly. Twice. And, then, without moving anything but his eyes, he looks right at me. And sighs. And if I move at all, he's on his feet in a flash, dancing around me.

It's all the same stuff. It all gets the same results. What we want, what kids want, what dogs want results.

The top 10 links dealing with copywriting are as follows:

Ivan Levison Direct Mail, E-mail and Advertising Copywriting

A freelance copywriter who builds profits for high tech companies, supplies free articles loaded with information on copywriting: writing, improving, and marketing.

Free tutorials on copywriting, web content, advertising, internet marketing, direct mail.

The Copywriting Site

A site that offers free information, tips, and tricks on copywriting that closes the deal.

Insidedirectmail: A Target Marketing Group Publication

The staff read 3,000 to 4,000 pieces of direct mail every month, and dissect the winners and losers for you. Get a feel for the newsletter and learn the ins and outs of some of the thousands of mailings in their archive. Great for learning how to write direct mail pieces.

Marketing Words

A free archive of articles pertaining to the field of copywriting.

Wizard Academy

A progressive new kind of communications school offering distance learning and on-site courses as well as special events. The Magical Words and the Ad Writing 101 curricula are aimed at studying and producing improved copy.

McMurray: Subscription Newsletters: Copy Editor

A leading language newsletter, companion website, and job search site for copy editors.

Web style guide and information on how to create editorial style and procedures for websites.

The Electric Editors

A joint venture for a group of editors harnessing the Internet as an effective medium and resource for professionals across the full spectrum of publishing activity. They provide three email discussion lists, EDline, Grapevine, LANGline, a library of on-screen editing macros and a broad list of links to support publishing professionals in their daily work.

Testy Copy Editors

Newspaper copy editors and their fans talk shop on the Editors Forum.

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