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What's IN
The Product
By IN House Staff
December, 2007, 02:40

The Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l publishes a monthly ezine called Inkwell Newswatch (IN) IN is a "how-to-write" publication for up-and-coming as well as established writers. Both the organization and the ezine aim to offer education and resources for the advancement of writing talent and careers. ISSN 1712-4328.

IN draws the attention of some of the most esteemed (and otherwise) writers, authors, and educators from around the globe, some of whom have become regular contributors. We present to our readership 100 per cent previously unpublished material top-quality articles about writing and the writer's life, exclusive in-depth interviews with the world's finest authors and the up-and-comers plus specials, events listings, and writing-related new releases unavailable elsewhere on the Internet.

IN's monthly contributors and columnists are redefining the "how-to" genre with their own distinctive approach. As a group, we are committed to educating, entertaining, and enlightening our readers. We dedicate our publication to everyone interested in writing whether they practice it or not especially those considering giving it the old college try.

At the heart of IN, it's raison d'etre, is the ongoing education of anyone who wishes to write, write better, or just learn about writing. To that end, we've assembled some of the biggest names in inspiring instruction to lay it all on the line. From pointers on publicity to tips on topics, Internet instruction, cracks on character, some shots at plot, to giblets of grammar, IN aims to serve 'em up.

IN is currently free of charge to read, and we intend to keep it that way; however, financial contributions to help cover the costs of operations are always appreciated.

Vol. II, Iss. 1, No. 13 Jan, 2006
Cover Page

IN's dedication to perpetuate top-flight writing equals our fascination with fine photography, engaging graphics, and snappy snag lines. Our cover has evolved into something akin to that of a glossy print magazine. The goal is to not only provide a captivating visual image of the featured writer of the month, but also to present the month's headlines, highlighting the editors' picks of each flashy new issue's hottest reads.

Vol. II, Iss. 2, No. 14 Feb, 2006
On The Cover

Each month, IN features a seasoned international writer or educator, interviewed by our IN house staff. Personal, colourful, freewheeling, and wide-ranging, these pieces will take readers into the intellectual, emotional, and the spiritual realms of the most influential voices in the modern writing world. An ample sample of the featured writer's work is presented as an excerpt.

Vol. II, Iss. 3, No. 15 Mar, 2006
INside Authors

The double-barrelled INside Authors introduces two up-and-and-coming or other deserving writers you may not have heard about. IN gives them some well-earned but seldom received props. Let their stories from the road to getting published inspire you.

Vol. II, Iss. 4, No. 16 Apr, 2006
INside Scoop

What can be found in INside Scoop is anyone's guess. Editor, philosopher, and girl-next-door Julie A. Pierce connects with IN readers. With a punchy perspective flavoured by an uncommon and international upbringing, her unpredictable and capricious view on pretty much everything colours her abstract mental wanderings leading readers to tag along on the trail of her whimsy.

Vol. II, Iss. 5, No. 17 May, 2006

Columns are the soul of IN. Our brave and benevolent band of monthly columnists, the big five Jennifer Edelson, Anne R. Allen, Peggy Bechko, Ken Robinson, and Helen Dunn Frame unflinchingly face the most pressing issues and problems, approaches, analyses, and solutions to the jigsaw puzzle of making writing work. Each has an expansive, uniquely engineered, locomotive style, and their wisdom is of rare value.

Vol. II, Iss. 6, No. 18 June, 2006
Writer's Life

Writer's Life has something for everyone, guaranteed, in a steady stream of informative pieces, nailing down novels, biographies, magazine articles, plays, movies, commercials, jokes, poems, or corporate brochures you name it, IN covers it, with many heavy coats. WL is put forth by IN regulars and guest by-lines from all walks of life and publishing market niches (Internet or otherwise).

On Publishing Hiatus
Tool Kit

As suggested by the name, this is where you come to find the resources of the month. This is where you dip in to discover new websites that might be helpful to you, ask questions of an expert in the field, or follow a series on a featured topic.

On Publishing Hiatus
Top 10, Advice/Q&A, And Features

Top 10 Resources, chosen by research maven Char Milbrett reveals a tid-bit of fun and a list of 10 URLs that might hold the very kernel of clarity you've been searching for. Joan R. Neubauer, publisher at, brings us monthly advice in Neubauer's Nuggets, an open-ended, interactive Q&A joint where questions get answers.

On Publishing Hiatus
Book Reviews

IN's  book reviews give readers a comprehensive and definitive guide to books about writing and the writing life. The books reviewed here are proven helpers, no matter what you want to write, or for whom, or why, or how you want to write it. If you are looking for books that are trash, that you wouldn't even add to your stash, don't look here because all you'll find are exemplary educational resources, presented in an organized, useful, user-friendly fashion.

Vol. II, Iss. 10, No. 22 October, 2006
Items Of INterest

IN has all the news and views that fit the subject of the written word, delivered by writers who care as much for the collective consciousness of their colleagues and communities as they do about their own writing and personal gain. International Items of INterest flash across the airwaves from the keyboards of some of the world's most intriguing observers, observing in the most intriguing ways. Obits, opinion, and what's new and interesting are served up as well.  

Vol. II, Iss. 11, No. 23 November, 2006
Global Offerings

Created and maintained by readers, with a hand from IN editors, Global Offerings is a timely and constantly evolving list of literary events, from small seminars to colossal conferences. Currently a free service publicizing events, classes, conferences, festivals, book sales, signings, TV appearances, or starving writers benefit concerts featuring U2, Jennifer Lopez, Paul McCartney, and the Rolling Stones.

Vol. II, Iss. 12, No. 24 December, 2006
INside Chuckles & FREEdom Stuff

Relax after a long read, and cash in on the freebies. Here you will find entertainment with The Writer At Work and our very own cartoon, Bill The Bard. Plus, grab some free stuff like software, classic eBooks of great literary works from Shakespeare to Twain and beyond. You never know what you might find here.

Vol. III, Iss. 1, No. 25 January, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 2, No. 26 February, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 3, No. 27 March, 2007
On Publishing Hiatus
Vol. III, Iss. 5, No. 29 May, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 6, No. 30 June, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 7, No. 31 July, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 8, No. 32 August, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 9, No. 33 September, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 10, No. 34 October, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 11, No. 35 November, 2007
Vol. III, Iss. 12, No. 36 December, 2007

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