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INside Scoop
INside On Hiatus
By Julie A. Pierce
July, 2006, 01:50

Hey! Where'd everybody go? The answer is that we haven't really gone anywhere. In case you took a recess from your summer occupations to look for a new edition, I'm here to explain what's up.
We are here at Inkwell Newswatch (IN), hard at work behind the scenes making improvements, including an editorship change, bringing aboard new writers, sorting away old content, and much more. Do not fear. It's only a brief hiatus, and we'll have a new edition published in the fall.
Currently, we are streamlining, cleaning up, and reorganizing to improve our support of your writing endeavours and to help hone your skills and get your writing published. To do that, we need to make some changes around here, and the only way to accomplish our goals effectively is to take a temporary publishing hiatus.
You may see strange things happening while you are here, such as categories moving around or disappearing, pages appearing and then being deleted, new items being added, old ones being removed and links to previous parts of archived article series not functioning. In other words, IN is experiencing transformation.
As summer wanes, cooler times arrive, and the leaves turn in colour, you will find a new edition of IN waiting for you. The launch of the new edition will be announced through our main site subscriber list, Writers Site News (WSN).

Have you subscribed to our main site yet? Subscribing is the best way to keep on top of our events and happenings. WSN also delivers writing information and tidbits about writing and writing tools. If you are a subscriber, you will know as soon as the new edition of IN is published. If you haven't already, you can subscribe now and you won't miss a beat of the ongoing site developments plus it's gratis and comes with gifts. To read over our main site information first, visit
When IN returns, we'll be coming back with the great columnists that you have come to know and love, a streamlined system, and a more open door communication policy in place. We'll also have exemplary interviews on how successful writers got that way, fantastic articles, up-to-date news and events, plus the educational information you've come here to find and learn.
During our revamp, we are also looking for approximately 100 volunteer, experienced writers of all genres including fiction, nonfiction, journalism, screen/playwriting, comedy, Internet, TV/radio, poetry, children's lit, and creative nonfiction to write "how-to-write" articles. Contact us and jump aboard the new IN.
We are not a paying market, however if you have something you would like to get credit for, receive free exposure, gain experience for your portfolio, and see your work in print, let us know. You can contact me, Julie Pierce, at and I'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible with more details. Also, read our Submissions Page to have a better understanding of what we're looking for and what we offer.
Our archives of past articles, interviews, book reviews, and educational information remain accessible during the hiatus; although you may find that they too are changing around a little during our overhaul. You can access them at
Enjoy the summer and within a few months, we'll be back better than ever. So stay tuned and don't forget about us. You can bookmark our main cover page for future reference.
That's the scoop, my friends.
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Julie A. Pierce
Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

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