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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Biography/Memoir
By Char Milbrett
May, 2006, 23:36

When I was a child, my mother read me fairy tales and stories that ended with morals. She had many books that she received from her grandmother when she was a younga reader. Since she kept every book she ever had and read them over and over, she was well versed in many of the stories. There is power in a book applied to a life.

When my mother passed away, I took all her books as a reminder of her. It was her love of books that took us (17 times) to many different places. We moved to Northern Minnesota so we could appreciate the lifestyle painted in a book by Helen Hoover. We lived on the Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais, Minnesota, 58 miles from the Canadian border. It was a remote place, on a paved road, on the Devils Track River. Comprising our neighborhood was a family who owned a large sawmill operation. There were several such communities on the Gunflint Trail places where family groups had settled and built houses together. I was lucky to have grown up in that environment. We only lived there for four years, but the families' stories to this day feel very much like my own.

Here are the Top 10 Resources for writing life stories and memoirs:

Association Of Personal Historians
Preserving your personal history or helping someone else to compile theirs has certain rewards. Not only does it give the compiler a feeling of satisfaction, it also enriches the lives of future generations. Whether you are creating your own, or helping someone else capture his or her story, you've ventured into the best place to get the job accomplished.

The Wrap On Life Writing
For writers of memoirs, personal essays, autobiographies, and life stories. We are working to bring you the latest information about the latest markets, contests, resources, and news from around the web.

Memory Grabber
Do you need help writing about your life? Let us show you how to write autobiographies, Life Story, Journal Writing, or Family History:

Famous Life Story Writing
Read their collections of stories on family life. Let the descriptions of unusual family life situations and links to affiliated sites.

Roxanne Writes
Welcome to a place for your words. This is why you are here and why I have created this website of words for you: in a safe, private environment (where no one steals your email address, no one blasts you with ads, and no one forces anything but fun, you will imagine, read, respond, be responded to, imagine and write, and write some more.  In this space you can honor yourselves as novice freelance writers, memoir writers, creative writers...will honor your right to the most positive of experiences and the most positive of words.

Awakening Earth/Living Legacies
Living Legacies is a guide to recording, illustrating, collecting and preserving your life stories. Whether you already have a folder full of family stories or are mystified about what your stories might be, Living Legacies can help you. The book is full of ideas for uncovering seeds for stories in your life and includes a simple process for writing them. What makes Living Legacies unique is that it brings together recording short stories with photographs and images. You'll learn techniques for crafting your visual as well as written story.

Life Story Writing/Learn to Write
So you want to write you life story, or you want to be a writer who writes other peoples' life story or personal history. To be a writer, writing fiction or non-fiction takes a bit of knowledge, a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance. Here are some books, selected writing related topics, some magazines, a few web sites and some mailing lists and newsgroups that will get you off to a running start.

Storyworks/Life Story Writing Courses: Australia
Writing the stories of your life. "Let me tell you a story." When we hear these words they spark anticipation no matter what our age. What is it about a story that enthralls and captivates us? Why do we love them so? Why do we repeat them over and over again? It is because life is a perpetual sequence of stories - of accomplishment and setback, of surprise endings and twists of fate and simple pleasures. The site offers information about a course that guides people in writing their life stories. Courses can be done by attendance in Sydney or by email correspondence. 

Writers Digest
Writer's Digest is focused on helping writers to improve their work, research markets and get published, although in more recent years there has also been more emphasis on showing you how to publish your own book, as American writers turn increasingly to self-help.

Life Story Writing/Tidbits of Time: Story Lady In Cardiff By The Sea Chunking It Down.
Learning how to write stories by asking yourself if you are creating an atmosphere that causes your reader to think.
http://www.cardiffstorylady.blogspot.comIN Icon 

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