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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: April Humor
By Char Milbrett
April, 2006, 23:36

pril Showers bring May flowers, but why do Mayflowers bring Pilgrims? I know the answer, and understand it, because I know what a Pilgrim is. But what happens when your audience doesnít get it. Then what?
Humor, in all its forms, is only funny if you understand the humor. Much of the attraction of humor, is relating to the subject matter. Humor is tricky. If you donít relate, it wonít be funny. If it involves something that makes you angry, it wonít be funny.
Humor, is after all, a test of your intellect. Intellectual humor is unfair humor, because it gives the humorist an opportunity to Lord over their audience, dangling that proverbial joke in front of their intellectual nose and flaunting the lack of intellectual prowress. Humor can be annoying if the humorist continually uses it to intimidate. So, with all of this to consider, letís delve into the 10 most interesting sites for learning how to be funny.

SoYouWanna Write Stand Up Comedy?
A five part series of articles about writing stand-up comedy and how to make a living at it.
Andy Griffiths' How To Write Funny Stories For Kids
Writing humorous fiction for children is an exacting and demanding challenge, fraught with danger and not for the faint-hearted, but with a little practice anyone can do it. Just follow this simple step-by-step guide!
How to Write the Best Comedy Sketches
A feature article at WritersBlock covering the comedy subjects of Research, Brainstorming, Where Ideas Come From, Getting Started, Types of Sketches, Editing Your Own Work, Presentation and more.
Online Humor Writing Course: The Art of Being Funny
Designed and taught by syndicated humor columnist Chandra Clarke, this is a complete humour writing course that teaches how to write funny material. This course is great for beginners and pros alike, whether you want to be a full-fledged stand-up comedian, a humour columnist, a TV writer, or just add funny elements to your fiction and non-fiction work.
SoYouWanna Be A Sitcom Writer?
Six steps to success in writing sitcoms. Beginning with what the job actually entails all the way through to writing the script and getting work.
Kung Fu Monkey - Writing - Jargon Preservation
A list of screenplay writers humorous shorthand code for problems or issues dealing with scripts. Terminology that most of us don't know and is quite amusing.
Pseudo-scientific Rumors On Humor
Some people may use props to get a laugh, but the ability to see the humor in life is one of the most important assets you may have as a professional speaker. It takes great skill and not a little natural talent to really apply humor effectively. While you can learn to use humor and do a fairly good job at it, the use of humor is not for everyone.
How To Be Funny
Being funny is hard work. Some people think that humor is easy, that anybody can be funny with very little work. This is not true. David J. Parker and Samuel Stoddard provide advice on how to be funny.
The Art of Using Humor in Public Speaking
A short list produced by the ThinkQuest Organization on the 10 dos and the 10 don't of humor in public speaking.
The Art of Using Humor in Public
The type of humor you will use depends on your speaking style and the situation. What is your style? Are you more comfortable with a quiet understated type of humor, subtle wit or are you more likely to deliver jokes for belly-laughs or long humorous stories to entertain? Learn much of the psychology and definitions of humor.

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