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Askew: A Poetic Point Of View?
By Charles Ghigna
April, 2006, 10:30

In a world that buttonholes, typecasts and labels, poets are an elusive breed.
"Why do people tend to view poets and poetry as a breed unto themselves? What makes poetry writers so much different than all of the other genre writers?" Anon

A Poet Isn't Somebody

A poet isn't somebody
who says the sky
is just another blue
holding down the ground
as though the ground
were on a hinge and could
flap up or maybe come off,
scalped by some Indian god.

A poet isn't somebody
who goes hunting to kill
or the one who takes dogs
and guns and camouflaged hats.
He's the one who takes off
his glove to touch the stream
the others cursed because it trickled
over their boot tops when they crossed it.

A poet isn't somebody
who looks at clocks
before he sleeps
though he learns their
anxious call can eat
through walls, and dreams.

A poet isn't somebody
who tells he's a poet.
He's somebody who asks
if he may hike your property
to follow where the moon
may rise tonight.

Invisible Ink

It is in you
and you know it
like your name.

It pounds you out
upon the white sheets
of solid bond.

It rattles your back door
of the house
where you hide Truth.

It scrawls your Every Day
upon the walls
you live between.

It covers
where you've been
with what you were.

Poem As Priest

Like the good Catholic boy
who tells his all
to the patient priest,

the poet pours his soul
into the poem,
confesses his passions,

his private fears,
that flow like lamb's blood
upon the pure white page

that passes sentence
after sentence
upon his sins

and turns his
into prayer.

Poem Child

The muse comes
like a lover
to your side,

then leaves
you alone
to bear it.

Poetry Is Not

Penned to the page
Waiting for us to admire;
It is only a lonely thought
Caught by tears on fire.

Who Is This Poet

whose poems
keep running ram
page after page
through my books
and magazines,
whose name looks
liked spilled
alphabet soup,
whose little
bird-like lines
keep chirping
it's me
it's me
it's me.IN Icon

Charles Ghigna is the author of more than thirty award-winning books of poetry from Random House, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Simon & Schuster, Hyperion, Scholastic and other publishers. These and other books by Charles Ghigna can be found at

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