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Bye Bye Rowdy Words
By Rowdy Rhodes
April, 2006, 01:59

"Let me see what he writes, and when he means to come." Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well, Act III

It continues to be a distinct and unique pleasure working with IN and watching the Freelance Writing Organization International's little baby slowly grow under the guidance of both Daryl and myself. Without the two of us joining forces current day IN would have been an impossible achievement. But time moves forward and babies become children, quickly becoming adults, and parental responsibilities and interests change.

Over the past fifteen editions, IN has made quite a profound educational and literary impact on the how-to-write sector. With that impact comes growth and a decision made to bring aboard a second editor. Someone to share the workload with who brings her own qualified editing style to balance the voice of the publication. After all, men in general can sometimes be a little unpolished around the edges!

To wit, Julie Pierce, as of next month, will be heading up our Writers Life and News sections, plus Events and Book Reviews. With this responsibility the needs arises for her to have her own column and take over the space currently reserved for Rowdy Words. This change allows for our two editors' columns to be globally syndicated through our news feeds. (Have you installed your news feed yet?)

Julie's background includes Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Literature and Philosophy from the University of California, San Diego. She has been a desktop publisher, editor, and writer for Oracle Corporation and Cisco Systems, Inc. She was Editor-in-Chief for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication, and has freelanced with Strategic Publisher. Julie is the type of editor who allows the voice of the author to come through without a strong overshadowing of her own voice and style.

Bringing Julie aboard frees up some of my time to concentrate on the FWO-Int'l. and expanding the operation, something that I love doing. I hope that you will welcome her with open hearts and minds and trust in her abilities. She's quite a remarkable editor.

I will still be managing the overall operations of both IN and the FWO-Int'l and I might come back to write a column about reading. For the moment, if you need site administration just drop me a note and I'll give Daryl and Julie trouble! {smile}. Seriously, I love talking with you folks, readers and writers alike, and if you need an ear don't hesitate to holler.

I'll also be writing articles that I want to write. Moreover I'll be handling IN's Education, Specials, FREEdom, Chuckles and Classifieds sections, plus overall layout. So I will still be floating around - just not in Rowdy Words.

To all of our writers, both columnists and contributors equally, you have been helpful beyond belief, and we could not have accomplished all that we have without you. For that I express to you the warmest, heartfelt "Thank you". Should you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask.

For IN, the necessity of educating in an entertaining and easy-to-read fashion is paramount if it is to continue as the flagship publication of the FWO-Int'l. Without educating new writers and assisting the established ones, we end up divided and the FWO-Int'l bereft of IN content. The exciting part about the IN/FWO combination is that we have the opportunity to mould minds, careers, and the future of writing.

After much discussion about IN content with our columnists and writers, I have become considerably steadfast about the way material is to be presented here. Yes, we need to continue to stay ahead of the dry, boring, educational how-to presentations. But no, we mustn't give way to political, religious, and other non-writing opinions that compromise the educational edge we have achieved.

IN content, in order to embrace newer writers, must include step-by-step how-to articles in all areas of the publication to educate, entertain, and challenge authors about their writing. Otherwise, all we are doing is clouding the grey matter that is already clouded when it comes here seeking answers about writing. That's not to say you can't write your opinion, but let's try and keep it to writing, the writing industry, and writer's concerns.

The fact of the matter is that there are thousands of writing questions and a thousand different ways to answer them. Just take a look at the topic ideas on our Submissions Page.

The ultimate question to IN contributors and columnists remains:

Is the content we're writing this month a self-absorbed compilation of words about ourselves with a collection of industry terminology thrown in for good measure? Or, is it clear enough to be educational with the result of nurturing the development of all who come here seeking guidance and community?

Over the months past, some of you confused the heck out of me, some of you educated and amused me beyond belief, all of you have a wonderful style and voice, and to everyone here it is an enormous honour to be involved with you. You do more than simply justice to the how-to-write industry, you're improving it! I only hope that my own writing will do the same; and I'll ask myself the same question above each month that I'm asking you today.

Again I thank you one and all.

"We came into this world like brother and brother: And now let's go hand in hand, not one before the other." Shakespeare, The Comedy Of Errors, Act V, Final Words.IN Icon

General Manager
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