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INside Scoop
Goin' INsane
By Daryl Jung
March, 2006, 23:59

As the Gonzaga Bulldogs (or Zags to the hip) drive, in America, toward the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s basketball championship, and spring sneaks in like a chocolate lamb, my thoughts turn briefly to IN.

My team, a three-seed, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, was beaten in the first round by 14-seed Northwestern State, from Zipville, Illinois, in their first tournament appearance in a billion years, if not ever. I needed to avoid a situation where my actions become as dark as my resultant mood, and therefore found myself a back-up.

So I've jumped on the glorious Gonzaga (out of Oregon) bandwagon and if they end up getting beaten by the despicable Duke (North Carolina) Blue Demons and their heinous hairclip "Coach K," in whichever remaining round they meet (there’s a subplot of the national scoring title at play, too, but I won’t bother you with that), there won't be an Ed-X next month. I'll have committed suicide.

My secret dream job is basketball reporter for a major city daily, namely the Toronto Sun, the one with the ubiquitous Sunshine Girl — traditional tabloid fare — recently moved from page three to the back of the book due to local feminist disdain. Best sports section in Canada, though.

For this gig one follows the NBA’s currently useless Toronto Raptors from city to city, sits courtside at the press table during the game and trails the team to the locker room post game to hold a tape recorder in the air. Then you file your next day's story from the email hook-up at the arena and go get hammered on your per deim. Sleep, wake up, repeat. On off days, watch other teams’ games. Nirvana.

Instead I edit IN, and therefore must do what every coach of every remaining team is telling his giddy gaggle of roundballers: Focus. Easier said than done.

I do know, however, that J.R. Kambak is in eastern Europe poking his politically powdered nose into the filmmaking business in Lithuania and beyond, and has sent us a compelling account of his visit to one of its heavyweight champions, Robertas Urbonas. Watch for more reports from JRK as he gallops the globe in his endless search for indispensable inside INformation.

Popular novelist Rebecca Forster is back with the second installment of her how-to-create-crafty-characters piece, and an excerpt from her latest, Silent Witness. As if to follow suit, James Marck is back at the plant, painting his less than empathetic portraits of the denizens of his day job. Charles Ghigna takes us into the realm of Haiku poetry, and in the Writers Life Journalism spot there's a step-by-step on finding employment.

In INside Authors, galvanizing Greek-Canadian poet Margaret Christakos delineates her rise to the top of Canada’s creative cream; and Western novelist W.R. Benton heads ‘em up and moves ‘em out for the edification of IN readers. Ride ‘em cowpeople.

Columnwise, Jennifer Edelson takes a writing assignment she doesn’t even want, Ann R. Allen slides into a sinful admission, Buzz Burza recalls his glory days in print circulation, Ken Robinson wishes upon a star and our own hard working Rowdy Rhodes has practically FWOed himself to a premature demise.

So the Zags and IN keep steamrolling, and it’s becoming clearer and clearer that there aren’t a whole lot of forces strong enough to stop the momentum of either.

April showers will bring May flowers and June unfurls the NBA powers. Until then I will endeavour to train my eye more vigilantly on the screen of the computer rather than the television.

Come the playoffs, no guarantees. Go Heat! 

(Postscript: On March 23, both the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Duke Blue Devils were eliminated from the NCAA tournament.)IN Icon

Daryl Jung
Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

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