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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Irish Blarney
By Char Milbrett
March, 2006, 23:36

ccording to legend, kissing the Irish Blarney Stone endows folks with both good luck and the gift of the gab, plenty of which all writers need. In order to kiss the renown rock, you have to lie on your back, bend backwards and downwards, holding on to iron bars for support, to actually get the job done. Good luck.

But people have been kissing that rock for over 500 years. Maybe it's a way around writer's block. In my mind, receiving the gift of the gab and writing it all down would make you a prolific writer. That's food for thought! March becomes the "month of green" when St. Patrick's Day arrives and people will be collecting shamrocks, fleeing leprechauns, chasing pots of gold and guzzling green beer. 

The top 10 educational resources highlighting the “gift of the gab” are as follows:

The Gift Of The Gab Communication And Presentation Seminar: Seminars and coaching for professionals in the art of communicating and presenting information effectively. Switzerland.

New York State Writers Institute: The Writers Institute has a mandate to provide "a milieu for established and aspiring writers to work together to increase the freedom of the artistic imagination," and "to encourage the development of writing skills at all levels of education throughout the state."

Irish Writer Webpages Online: A concise, bio-bibliographical dictionary of Irish Writers. Including, but not limited to information on copyrighting, literary agents and the graphic arts.

Academics College Writing And Study Skills: Helpful tips for using college library resources and the web. Few successful writers follow the stage model of writing. College writing and study skills.

Ashland University Writing Center: Handouts and resource links are just part of the Ashland OWL. They also provide Grammar Guides, APA Style Documentation, Plagerism Information, plus links to other centers.

Ad Copywriting: This site is about Marketing and Advertising, but most importantly it's about Copywriting. Powerful Copywriting. Persuasive Copywriting. Effective Copywriting. In short it's about Copywriting that Sells! Provides free tutorials for you to self-educate in the art of copywriting.

Lorelle On WordPress: Helping you learn more about blogging. Lorelle provides articles on blogging tips, tricks, techniques, news, help, and more. The business of being an author has changed considerably over the last ten years. Authors need to be excellent promoters of their own work. One way to do that is blogging. If you’re considering starting a blog, there are several considerations and much of that information is here.

Literary Liaisons: A place for readers and writers of historical romances to discuss and learn the craft of writing, and the pleasure in reading it. This site provides literary links, writing resources, newsletters and research guides all pertaining to historical figures and romance.

Irish Writers Centre: Providing Ireland's writers with news, competitions, events, a writers' directory, forums, conferences, courses and more.

Bowling Green State University Writing Labs And Centers: This site offers budding writers access to Web sites with relevant and publicly accessible on-line "handouts," handbooks, guides, newsletters, and/or tips. In some instances these sites also provide clickable links to additional sites that focus on the writing process, expository and creative.

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