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INside Scoop
LightIN' It Up
By Rowdy Rhodes
March, 2006, 01:59

We're flipping out of the first quarter of aught-six and slicing into the half.

It's been a busy month of writing, programming and maintenance around here and I must admit I'm completely fagged out. But, before I fade too far away I thought I'd fill you in on some of the developments.

First and foremost is a continued expansion of the Freelance Writers Organization International’s writing resource database that is available to at our main site All you need to do to access the database is sign up to our mailing list and begin receiving our weekly newsletter Writers Site News.

I have pumped up the database to:

  • 200 Groups/Forums/Workshop
  • 222 Associations
  • 117 Business Resources
  • 231 Publications
  • 259 Publishers/Editors
  • 201 Screenplay/Scripts Resources
  • 301 Educational Sites
  • 220 General Writing
  • 191 Writer's Listings

That doesn't include the smaller numbers of resources in the 40+ categories of writing information that are already online, some updated and some I'll get to as soon as possible. It also brings the total resources to over 3,700.

So the times they are a changin' and we're continuing to change with them. This month's IN cover boy Robertas Urbonas puts screenwriters on the map in Lithuania and INside Authors introduces Margaret Christakos and W.R. Benton, plus the news and events should be of particular interest to you this month. We all hope that you will find the assemblage of writing informative, entertaining, and of course, educational.

One of the services I would like to stress to you that we would certainly like to succeed in is our editing and proof reading services. They have been quiet and I want to specifically draw your attention to the information page at If you have a manuscript that needs a little touch up or a full edit, we are available and interested in giving you a hand. Our rates are reasonable and the services exemplary. They span basic proof reading to full editing to professional portfolio web site designs.

Overall it's been a very productive month and with St. Paddy's blessing we're hoping that the coming months will be just as exciting and expansive.

Also, for the first time here at IN, I would like to ask all of our readers to nominate the Freelance Writing Organization International for a Writers Digest Top 101 Site Mention for the year 2006. Last year we were picked up and listed in numerous publications as providing excellent content and we're hoping that this year will be the same. See our awards and recognitions at

To nominate us just send an email with our site name Freelance Writing Organization International and URL to: subject line "101 Sites" and shoot a copy to us for our records at

An example email to Writers Digest:

“I would like to nominate the Freelance Writing Organization International as a Writer's Digest Top 101 best writing resource site. They operate one of the world's largest, free writing resources links databases available to writers today and publish the excellent Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Online Ezine for Writers.”

Your efforts will not go unnoticed. Thanks!

Well that's about it for this month. I'm back to the grinding, plodding, yet engaging, elevating and enlightening experience of furthering the FWO-Intl expansion and compiling additional resources designed to advance your careers.IN Icon

General Manager
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