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INside Scoop
On Beyond IN Action
By Rowdy Rhodes
February, 2006, 02:00

Looking out onto the ocean of writing software this new portal offers writers ease.
t's been said that many forms of writing should not start with "I" nor contain any references to oneís self.

Thatís tough not to do in a personal column where first-person is king, a voice perfect for affecting a sense of personal interplay between reader and writer. So itís time to try something different this month.

This is an attempt to construct a column completely from a third-party POV and see if it flies:

IN moved into its second year in January 2006, with the esteemed Mr. Jung at the helm. He and IN continue rocketing their way to excellence in education and entertainment never anticipated by anyone. It has a volume of readership that continues to amaze those privy to the numbers.

With these ongoing developments the Freelance Writing Organization International main site operations are evolving that, for the most part, tend to care for themselves, with some volunteer staff's intervention and proactive responses to user queries. But there are items of interest beyond IN that merit mention.

For example, the FWO-Intíl at is soon opening its long awaited writing software portal. Itís an idea that germinated in 2002 and is now almost ready to be presented.

The portal, designed to offer free Windows-based software of interest to writers, will absorb the content located within the main site's Download Centre and offer additional resources beyond what can be effectively managed within the FWO-Int'l and IN. It will also contain an update function regarding new software and products for writers.

The portal's intent is to become fully operational within weeks, however it is already online and being filled with truly interesting, unique, packages of software to make your writing life much easier. Four of those packages were made available through the FWO-Int'l mailing list last year as Christmas gifts.

The packages available within the portal pertain to document and time management, simplification for developing and managing creative ideas and projects, while other applications cover aspects of editing, composition, promotion, file conversions and much, much more.

Included will be specialized writing news feeds, IN's Syndication Feed, a Reciprocal Links Program, a free banner rotator system, and all of this will be sponsored and supported by FWO-Int'l founder Brian Wilson, with the assistance of financial contributions received through the main site.

Why isn't the software located in the main resource database? Simply because the resource database has never been intended to perform software distribution. The intention there is to provide informational resources for advancing writing careers, not supplying software packages.

With these changes going on there are a couple of areas where assistance is required.

The need to find free, quality, software packages for writers (either freeware or shareware) is of paramount importance to the success of the portal. Recommendations can be sent to the valiant people managing this project at subject: "Writing Software Package."

Want to link to the portal? Send an email to the address above with the subject line "Portal Link" and include the page where the reciprocal link back will be located. They'll get back to you as soon as the Reciprocal Links Program is online.

What does the future hold? Who can say? Speculation intensifies as does excitement. Expansion, development, streamlining, design work, new resources, exemplary information (as always) and further ideas are in the cards for the FWO-Int'l as long as the main site continues functioning.

On every page of IN there are contribution buttons of 20, 35, and 50 dollars - see the special offer this month! They should be used to help keep this site open. Without reader support the whole shebang is a house of cards waiting to be blown down. Imagine for a moment the loss to the writing community if the doors close. Maybe it'll prompt interested parties to reach for their wallets and throw a few dollars into the pot.

Either way, all concerned should watch for the official launch of the portal in an upcoming issue of IN.

Thatís what somebody told me, anyway. Ooops!IN Icon Forgot POV.

General Manager
Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

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