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INside Scoop
BangIN' Our Own Drum
By Daryl Jung
February, 2006, 23:59

was in church the other evening...

... ooops, I mean, I was watching the Compleat Beatles the other night for the umpteenth time. Every time I do, 40 and change years after the fact, I learn something new.

This time through I gleaned a little known fact: that Ringo had a meter problem (keeping the beat) in the very early days. Shocking, I know.

But the modern Starr's response, in a CB interview segment, is telling —and indicative of about how I feel about this IN business.

"I just wanted to be in the best band," he deadpans — didn't matter that he may not've yet had the chops.

Since I aspire to his percussive virtuosity, I decided to extend Starr's M.O. to all aspects of my life and strive to make IN the best how-to-write e-rag in the world. And just as he joined the best there was, so have I. The trick will now be to keep up with the immeasurable talent combined herein.

Take the February edition... this'n.

Jonathan Kellerman, child psychologist and detective novelist extraordinaire, pulls no punches in his straight-up-and-ahead, almost terse, advice for young writers. In Kellerman's world there's no excuse for inactivity, so if you're blocked, timid of heart, lazy or too wasted to write, well, take a deep breath. This is also advisable before tearing into an excerpt from his latest, Rage. Go Lakers.

In January we had Canadian Renaissance man Robert Priest on our cover. The response to him has been outrageous, so this month he enchants the senses and powers up IN’s Poetry section of Writers Life with an inspiring meditation on inspiration. If you read between the lines, you’ll also find out why the guy writes. Why do you?

Anne R. Allen is mad as heck and she's not gonna take it any more. In a time when she feels democracy is taking it on the chops, as it were, Allen declares war on George W. Bush’s war on terror and incites all writers to riot against powerlessness. Buzz Burza laments turning “retirement age,” J.R. Kambak pays homage to All The President’s Men, Alison Tharen stresses the importance of cultural diversity in kids' lit and James Marck, on many levels, goes to work.

In a tip-of-the-hat to Valentines Day, IN’s Top 10 Resources, forged by new contributor Char Milbrett, embraces romance. Watch for her lists of the best on the ‘Net in the months to come. The Writer At Work and IN contributor since day one Richard Krzemien (see his banner atop this very page) exposes a new symptom of 911 disease, stealth censorship.

So it doesn’t take Simone de Bouvoir to figure out that this is a killer issue, from a killer stable of writers.

Yesterday, IN’s inception seemed so far away. Now it looks as though it’s here to stay. Oh, I believe IN yesterday... and today, for that matter

Thanks Paul, and thanks Ringo, George and what’s-his-name. You guys rock, obviously, and you rule as well. So will — do  — we.

Oh, yes! Almost forgot — one last note on virtuosity:

Will somebody ask Rhodes and Edelson where they get off submitting a first draft?!

Oh, well. Listen. We're all going to the "toppermost of the poppermost (read writers market)!" nevertheless.

Why don'tchya tag along for the ride? Might learn sump'm.IN Icon

Daryl Jung
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