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Top 10 Resources
Top 10: Genres
By Sarah E. White
January, 2006, 12:12

ew Year's resolutions are all shattered by now, so allow me to assuage your guilt with some things you might like to do differently this time around, in the way of new genres or specializations you might like to try.

In the hopes of inspiring you to have a bigger, better and more profitable 2006, I bring you the top 10 sites focusing on various genres, listed in no particular order.

The first genre is copywriting. This is a huge moneymaking area, whether you write for other businesses or just polish up your own copy to sell your products and services better. This site is a treasure trove of articles about how to write better advertising, sales letters and more from the best marketing minds and from all over the web.

Joke Writing:
Here's a great guide for people who would like to learn how to write funny. Whether you're interested in comedy writing as part of your career or just want to be able to infuse some humor into your stories and characters, this is the site for you. Learn how to write jokes, funny greeting cards, cartoons and more.

Technical Writing:
The oldest technical writing community on the Internet, this site will help you learn how to become a technical writer as well as provide you resources and inspiration for planning and executing technical writing projects. There are tons of great articles and contacts available from this simple site to get your technical writing career off the ground.

Biomedical Writing:
Medical writers write anything from stories about health and wellness for general interest publications to articles and features for trade magazines for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. If you've ever considered writing about medicine, this little site will give you some basic information about what you need to know and do.

Food Writing:
We've all got to eat, so why not try your hand at a little writing about food? This web site (and its newsletter) will help you understand the basics of food writing as well as provide you with markets you can query (or read for more inspiration). Classes and ebooks on food writing and freelance writing are also available from this site.

Grant Writing:
Whether you want to write a grant to your local arts council so you can finish your novel without working or you want to start writing grants for other people as part of your writing repertoire, this sire from the U.S. government will help you understand what should go into a basic loan application so you'll be more likely to get funding for you or your client.

If you've got the music (or even just the lyrics) in you, you should check out the Songwriters Resource Network. Here you can connect with other songwriters, learn tips about getting your songs published and get the latest in news from the world of music and songwriting. This is a one-stop resource for everything you need to know about getting your songs heard by the masses.

Christian Writing:
If you'd like to bring your faith into your writing work, check out Spirit Led Writer. This site is full of articles, resources and links for Christian writers who want to improve their craft and share their religion at the same time.  Not just for Christian writers, though, this site provides insight into writing for all sorts of markets.

Travel Writing:
From a travel writer with 15 years of experience, this site gives you all sorts of tips, links and articles about how to start and maintain a successful freelance travel-writing career. This site also includes markets for travel writers and offers a weekly ezine as well as classes and books for aspiring travel writers.

Business Writing:
For a good source of information on just about any type of writing, or anything else you want to know about, the Internet Public Library can't be beat. The business writing section offers links to writing guides, grant writing resources, grammar tutorials, information for librarians and much more. If you need to learn something about writing, you can probably find it here.

NOTE: On a personal note, this is the last Top 10 list Iíll be writing for IN. I've been here since the beginning and it's been great fun to hunt down the best resources from our vast database for you. I hope you've found them helpful.

I'm happy to report that my own freelance career is now taking off even more quickly than I'd ever hoped, so I'm having to re-think where some of my time goes.

I will miss working with all the folks here at IN and the Freelance Writing Organization International. You can bet that every month I'll still be checking IN on you! Best wishes to all and have a wonderful and prosperous year!

Thanks again Daryl and Rowdy.

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