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INside Scoop
Anniversary INtervention
By Daryl Jung
January, 2006, 23:59

kay, itís INís first birthday. B.F.D. -- blinding fundamental difference.

Or so Iíve been told -- any publication, online or otherwise, that stays alive for a year canít help but, and should, feel just a bit more secure. The marketplace, certainly, they say, regards a business-year under the belt as telltale of excellent initial momentum. You know, maybe these clowns arenít as delirious as they look.

To that I refuse to testify under oath. But I do know, looking back over 12 and a half editions, that IN has overtaken -- stylistically and in terms of promoting love for and knowledge of actual writing -- any, and I use the term loosely, existing competition. Left Ďem in the frigginí dust. Iíll make no bones about it. Our superiority is palpable on every level of the how-to-write game, from Grammar 101 to bestseller.

All this birthday baloney does is mark another year closer to the time when if you ainít in IN, you ainít, like, in. Man. Ask David Morrell. Rowdy Rhodes has already listed the gamut of literary lights that have graced our cover and INside Authors last year (see Rowdy Words last month), so Iíll list the kaleidoscopic line-up of Volume II, Issue 1, Number 13, as follows. Hats should be gripped.

Canadian poet, songwriter, kidsí performer and activist Robert Priest tops the heap oí talent in the January 2006 joint. We did the cover photo shoot at the Black Swan Tavern on the Danforth in Toronto. No point in me going on about Priest here. Heís awesomely talented and a howl to read. Do not hesitate to bask in his warmth.

Fran Capo is back. The fast-talking straight shooter comes on like gangbusters on how to write a joke; Lisa Lenard-Cook blesses us with a fictive how-to and a cool excerpt from her hot novel, Dissonance; and Professor Father Goose (Charles Ghigna) offers up some of the sweetest kidsí material Iíve read in ages.

Alison Tharen provides an exemplary expose on successful Canadian (no, weíre not trying to get a grant, although itíd be niceÖ itís our Canadian issue!) television scriptwriter Ed Kay; Rosie Levine is back, too, filing from Jamaica, with a rare rant against the air kiss; J.R. Kambak gets a little crazy and James Strecker explores poetic inspiration.

Columnists Anne R. Allen, Jennifer Edelson (again refusing the concept of a writing "plateau," the next Joyce Carol Oates, for sure), Peggy Bechko and Buzz Burza (who goes back with me 25 years) are their usual enticing selves, and I urge all concerned to check this monthís Rowdy Words, as ol' Rhodes fires up a masterpiece, the achievement of a lifetime, the column of his career. In 18 and change months working with the guy, his brilliance continues to amaze. But this columnÖ didnít know he had it in him.

Me? I saw hotshot American former syndicated humourist/columnist Dave Barry on the Today Show the other day. I read him when I go home in the Des Moines Register (used to anyway, and he was in every paper in the world). I guess I aspire to his audience, especially as I feel much like he does of his own oeuvre: I didnít have anything to say 25 years ago, I still donít and Iím going strong. Oh yeah, I remembered Irving Layton in Useful News.

So 2006 is gonna be a great one, but it sure as heck wonít be without its challenges. Congratulations to my colleagues RR and Brian Wilson, associate editors Diego X. Jesus and Mark London, every MPH of Godís speed to Mum, Edna Wilson, and Glenn Wilson and, as always, special thanks to Tabby and Suzanne. And to Jilly V, I love ya, hon.

And of course Henry the horse dances the waltz.

Thanks to the readers too. All I really care about is that they (meaning you) get a kick out of it occasionally.

Finally, heretofore, in honour of our first anniversary, this column's title has been shortened. It's called, now, Ed X. We don't publish expletives.IN Icon

Daryl Jung
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