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FWO Powers Up Their Processing
By Mark London
December, 2005, 13:50

Huge leaps in resources available at the FWO-Int'l causes major change to occur.
ord, there has been change! Pixel by pixel, line by line, script by script, and it all looks great!

Big changes have happened at the Freelance Writing Organization International. After months of testing, debugging, accumulating resources and looking at unique designs for the user interface, the new system is up and running.

So as not to confuse the members who have been with the site for a while, much of the regular resources within the site itself remain, stuff that was never used was pulled, however it's the new online resources that need to be mentioned here.

The site has been optimized and expanded. It looks great and views best with Internet Explorer and the View, Text Size command set to "smaller", however feel free to adjust your "set."

The Employment Search system has been expanded to include great companies that offer excellent freelance, contract and full/part-time employment opportunities. The companies include Monster's Writing Jobs, Journalism Jobs, the Berkeley Job Bank, the Freelance Job Bank, Writer Find, JobLink for Journalists, Media Bistro, and the world's largest online marketplace for freelance talent; Guru.

There is also a Media Finder search engine to assist you in finding specific types of publications and contacts. A traffic swarm search engine keyed to find anything and everything to do with writing. Even an "Ultimate Directory of Gratis Software" to ease the cost of writing and peripheral software is used by writers.

IN Syndication News Feeds are now listed, automated and easy for you to just click and grab a feed without the need for knowing more than basic .html cut-and-paste programming. An Online Reference service provides books containing classic writing examples and information assembled over hundreds of years.

Another new item is the Blog Showcase for writing resource sites. With so many blogs on the 'Net there is much to be found within these systems that contain how-to write and markets galore.

There's a new forum area for writers. A completely clean slate all for your use to open dialogues with other members, post ads about your latest accomplishments, even talk with the people who operate this site.

The FWO-Int'l is in the process of building a download centre, which currently contains free e-books of various types dealing with marketing, book design, dictionaries, computer tech guides, even a couple of writing courses, all no charge.

The intent of the download center will be to ultimately house a collection of books and software that may be of value to you and all of it free of charge, or at the very least, in the case of some software, trial-ware that you can test out.

The site has eased up significantly on advertising yet still requires financial support through the purchase of products. To that end, the FWO-Int'l has teamed up with The Writers Store and Amazon to offer the very best in writing software, books, supplies and further educational courses.

Donations are always welcome and for every voluntary contribution made you'll receive something in return, be it free software, books or whatever, so check out both the Writers Store and the new Contribution Center. The system now boasts additional writing and publishing news feeds, plus the latest in authors’ works and articles.

It also has a new On This Day system feed that changes daily providing interesting tidbits of information: Word Of The Day, Article Of The Day, This Day In History, Today's Birthday and even a word skill test of your knowledge of the English language, complete with answers, called Match Up.

The site is looking for a few good volunteers/interns (especially if you are located in Toronto) and are willing to work with individuals on assigned projects that you can add to your portfolio -- whether you are just starting out or are looking to fatten your CV.

On top of all of that, they have finally put into place a Reciprocal Links page (if you are writing resource provider). The page has already drawn the attention of some very excellent sites. By becoming involved in the Reciprocal Links Program you'll be included in the main writing resource database, which, as we all know is the core of the site and provides hand-picked writing resources to fulfill the needs of all writers.

Check it all out.IN Icon 

Mark London is a Toronto based freelance writer and associate editor of IN who has been with the FWO-Int'l from the early years volunteering much of his time in assisting young writers' careers. email :

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