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Father Goose Poems (Excerpt - Kid's Lit)
By Father Goose
December, 2005, 22:07

Little Daddy Longlegs

Little Daddy Longlegs played in the sun,
Climbing up the front steps just for fun.
One leg, two legs, three legs, four,
Eight legs later he was at my door.

He sat on the mat looking up at me,
Till I opened the door an inch or three.
I caught him in a jelly jar just for fun
And put him in the window in the morning sun.

But Little Daddy Longlegs curled up small,
Looking like he wasnít even there at all.
He just sat still looking up at me,
So I opened the jar and set him free.

Little Daddy Longlegs played in the sun,
Climbing down the front steps just for fun.
One leg, two legs, three legs, four,
Eight legs later he was there no more.


Pigs are playful. Pigs are pink.
Pigs are smarter than you think.

Pigs are pudgy. Pigs are plump.
Pigs can run but never jump.

Pigs are loyal. Pigs are true.
Pigs donít care for barbecue.


Hippos swim. Hippos snort.
Hippo legs are rather short.

Hippos ears are pink and tiny.
Hippo hide is very shiny.

Hippo tails are stout and stubby.
Hippo hips are kind of chubby.

Hippos stay rather quiet.
Hippos never like to diet.

What Does A Hound Dog Do All Day?

He sleeps. He eats. He chases flies.
He looks for pheasant in the skies.

He barks. He growls. And then he snores.
He wakes and begs for out-of-doors.

He hunts. He howls. He loves kind words.
(He wonít admit heís scared of birds.)

He runs. He jumps. He fetches sticks.
He finds your face and then he licks.

He gets his pets. He gets his pats.
He gets his kicks from chasing cats.

He sniffs. He tracks. He likes to roam.
He finds your lap when you are home.

Along The Garden Path

A garden path of cobble stones,
A fairy sitting with two gnomes,
A bird bath full of chickadees
Splashing in the morning breeze,

A marble fountain, a golden swan,
Four tree frogs in a lily pond,
An iron bench, a bronze sun dial
Telling time with a shady smile,

An arch of roses in full bloom,
A bird house yellow as the moon.
Like an elf among the flowers,
I could hide in here for hours.

Tomorrow's My Birthday

Tomorrowís my birthday and Iíll be four
And I wonít have to stay home anymore.
Iíll take down my bank right off my shelf
And I will go out and about by myself.

Iíll buy me a ticket and Iíll take a train
And Iíll go to Texas to ride on the range.
Iíll buy me some boots and a hat, but no toys,
ĎCause Iíll be as big as all the cowboys.

Iíll rope and Iíll ride and Iíll be the best
Of all the cowboys in the world and the West.
And when it gets dark on the cattle drive--
Well, maybe Iíll wait until I am five.

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