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Top 10 Resources
Top Ten: Holiday Block
By Sarah E. White
December, 2005, 12:12

seem to be suffering a bit of writer's block. Or maybe it's not writer's block; I have ideas but none of them seem to be any good. I think I have something brilliant to share, but on further examination there is little help to speak of. So since I'm not trusting my ideas, here are the top 10 sites for ideas to help you break the block, in no particular order.

Creative Writing Prompts
The name of this site pretty much says it all. This bare-bones, no frills site features a numbered list (one to 203). Hovering over the number pops up a writing prompt, from things like "the best thing in life is." to plot questions, story starters, poetry prompts and more. 

New Life Stories
This site designed for journal writers has an interesting collection of pictures that can be used as writing prompts for fiction and nonfiction projects. This site also offers education, advice and resources on all aspects of journal writing and features a regular newsletter.

Be Creative Adults
This site, part of the amazing Creativity Portal, lists a series of questions to ask yourself about your life. Great for journal writing, these questions could also be used by fiction writers working on character sketches. There's also a list of words (ability, modesty, snowflake) to spark writing projects.

Once Written
Once Written is a site full of good information for writers, with information on contests, events and new books. But the really great thing about this site is the newsletter, which provides a week's worth of prompts along with other news for writers. The site also offers a daily prompt service for $3 a month or $25 a year.

Aella Lei
This site is a treasure trove of ideas for writers. Click on the idea generator to get a one-sentence plot, or build characters, generate names, or read random inspirational quotes. You'll also find tips on subjects from getting started as a writer to passive voice, as well as writing exercises and tips for web designers.

Story Is A Promise
Maybe your problem isn't so much that you have no ideas but that you don't know how to shape them into a work of fiction. The essays on the craft of dramatic writing featured on this site will help you understand the basics of dramatic writing, whether novels, plays or screenplays.

Alicia Rasley
This site is full of great tips for fiction writers, as well as classes you can take and books you can buy to get your writing back on track. If your story has stalled, check out her top 10 plot problems. You're bound to find something on this list you can relate to and fix in your own work.

Writing Advice
For a great series of articles on how to write a novel, check out this site by British writer Carol Clarke. This site offers more than 30 pages of tips, from faults of beginners to conflict, pacing, historical fiction and more. This site will take your story from a mere idea to a truly workable piece.

Practical Fiction
Suite 101 has a lot of good sections, and though this one on practical fiction doesn't appear to be updated regularly, it is still a good place to look for information and advice on taking your ideas to the next level. There's also an article here about where to find ideas if you're still stumped.

Steampunk Advice On Novel Writing
This site is one continuous hyperlinked site offering handouts and discussions from Crawford Kilian's writing course. Everything from developing good working habits to storyboarding to sending queries and reading a contract is covered here, so you can be assured your ideas will come to something great if you follow this advice.

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