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INside Scoop
IN Stride
By Daryl Jung
November, 2005, 10:41

As an idea IN proves that you don't know what you got until you do it.
averly, Iowa, USA -- Happy Thanksgiving from the Heartland!

This has been the oddest of months, with more ups and downs than a New Orleans barometer. If we count our preview issue (November 2004), this is technically our first anniversary. But since the real deal -- Volume I, Number 1, Issue 1 -- sprang forth in January '05, we'll leave the celebrations until the new year.

We have much, however, to celebrate. For one, the world's fastest-growing, highest-falutin' writers' rag (IN) has, on its cover, the world's fastest-talking woman, Fran Capo. She's also a hotshot stand-up comic, an inspiring inspirational speaker, an up-and-coming actor and extreme sportswoman (you may have already seen her on TV). The Capo interview, consequently, covering a wide range of engaging stuff, is a bungie jump. Feels like she types as fast as she talks.

IN proudly welcomes as well the beautiful and talented Lisa Lenard-Cook, regaling readers with her unique take on fiction writing in the modern age. In INside Authors, legally beleaguered bard Leonard Cohen (said preview issue's cover boy) fields questions with answers from the va-va world, and acclaimed kids/young adult fantasy freak Jane Yolen talks some serious turkey, no seasonal pun intended.

Most exciting, though, for me anyway, are the efforts of some of our regular guns. Topping a long list of stellar achievements this month is Jennifer Edelson's The Bitter Quill, wherein the self-described "egocentric writer" waxes prophetic and poetic about her life as a writer in transition; issuing gently forceful and frenetic ruminations with a voice vibrant and to be reckoned with -- now and in the without-a-net years to come.

Screenplay scribe Ken Robinson ("K-Robb" around here) goes into battle with his alter ego in an almost diabolical dialogue between two distinct sides of one writer's mind (I'll stop short of calling it war of the words -- sorry). Alison Tharen is her usual articulate and snappy self, this time addressing one of the most difficult gigs a writer can accept -- elementary school report cards. Yep. Dealing with parents/"readers" is no picnic in the park, either.

And, as ever, the double-barreled Diego X. Jesus is in fine form, chilling us out and filling us in on one of Canada's most darkly silly stand-up comic/comedy writers, Darren Frost; and taking us on a first-class "undercover" trip (again, no pun intended) into the psycho-sexual and, in this case physically precarious, world of the 80s Manhattan after-hours club scene. Ever awakened with a stranger? Wait'll you read this.

Plus there's the beatitudes of Buzz Burza from India, Mark London on the Internet, J.R. Kambak on radio-writing and, to the delight and relief of all, we've located T.E. Watson.

Oh, yeah! Rowdy Rhodes has done some straight-up incredible things with the Freelance Writing Organization - International (, making it not only top-five largest and most comprehensive writers' sites/reference databases on the planet, but also one of the coolest, man. See Rowdy Words for a full update. Better yet, go to the site itself and, well, go, literally, nuts.

So... as we at IN gear up for the holiday season and our second year of banging out the most eclectic, entertaining and informative writing and literary ezine on the 'Net -- or anywhere else -- we take a moment to reflect on all we have to be thankful for: dear families, excellent friends, a product we are proud of producing, a long and lovely new NBA season and a country to live in where we're not getting blasted by suicide bombers every day.

To our friends and readers who live in places that are, our prayers are with you.IN Icon 

Daryl Jung
Inkwell Newswatch (IN)

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