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Top 10 Resources
Top Ten: Thanksgiving
By Sarah E. White
November, 2005, 12:12

hanksgiving is my favorite winter holiday (I know, I know, itís only Thanksgiving in America, so I beg a break). Itís not as commercial as Christmas (I read that this year even Ramadan is going toys and tinsel) but thereís still a big meal with family and friends.

The most important part, though -- a no-brainer -- is the expression of thanks. This is a good time of year for everyone from all walks of life to take a moment and think about the people and things for which they are thankful. With we the writers in mind, hereís my list of the top 10 writerly sites. They might actually be in order this time.

Writer's Digest
Writer's Digest is the grandaddy of 'em all. The highest-circulation freelance writing print publication, but online is one of the best. The site to whose "household word" exposure a yearling writers' site might aspire.

Writers Weekly
Writers Weekly bills itself as the highest-circulation freelance writing zine. Itís also one of the best. The site is dedicated to helping writers find legitimate opportunities and to fighting scammers. The markets and article archives are great, and Angela Hoy is as sweet as she is dedicated to writers.

Funds for Writers
C. Hope Clark focuses on grant-writing in her newsletters, but thereís lots of advice here for writers who arenít at that stage. An archive provides about three months of articles, a current market listing. If you want to know how to make money as a writer, this is the place.

Absolute Write
A treasure-trove for writers, Absolute Write has articles, market listings and lots of great information about niches from screenwriting to greeting cards. But this site also has a great and active forum where writers can ask questions, share market advice and network and make friends with writers around the world.

Power Reporting
Iíve been singing the praises of Power Reporting for along time. Itís a portal to all manner of research sites, from people-finders to reference books to government agencies. Designed for journalists, this page is helpful to all nonfiction writers, or anyone looking to add some verisimilitude to a story.

I often need to find sources for my stories from people who live somewhere other than where I do. I love ProfNet because it makes it so easy to tell potential sources what I need and how they can contact me. The press releases are sometimes good for story ideas, too.

Poynter Online
This is a site made for journalists, too, but itís got a lot of great writing hints and tips for writers of all sorts. If you want to know how to write tight, clear sentences, interview like a pro or just keep up with news gossip, this is the site.

National Novel Writing Month
Yeah, Iím one of those people. This month is my fifth trying to write a novel of at least 50,000 words, in no more than a month. Iím thankful for Nanowrimo because itís just about the only time all year I make myself write fiction, and the community there is amazing.

Craigís List
Thereís just something about Craigís List. Itís so easy to use, yet so easy to get buried in forever. But if youíre looking for a job (or an apartment, or a date) there are few better places to go. Yeah, itís a little tedious to search, but Iíve gotten enough jobs from it to be sure itís worth my time.

Sell Writing Online
This site has a good collection of articles and markets, and an even better selection if youíre willing to buy an ebook of markets. There are interviews, columns on writing mysteries and for children and a ton of book reviews.

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