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INside Scoop
Halloween Happenings And Hexes
By Rowdy Rhodes
October, 2005, 05:18

Goblins, gremlins and evil spirits getting in our way couldn't stop this edition.
appy Halloween, folks!

We've had goblins, gremlins and evil spirits popping up and getting in our way this issue but, we perservered and dug ourselves out of the grave to present you with the latest edition of IN.

I've written an overview of this month's angst and offerings --- ones that tormented me and interested me respectively. I hope you'll find the small adventurous asides amusing along the way. It sure has been an adventure! One of our finest journeys to date.

By the way: We'd love to hear your suggestions on bettering our publication. What types of other topics you would like to see us explore? Feel free to send an email to

One must understand that creating a monthly publication like IN is no small feat. In and of itself it's normally a smooth run. We simply work with the writers (an enjoyable experience) and then edit and assemble the layout, ads, new structure and cover. Sometimes though it gets a little more complicated than that.

First we ran into system problems with our mailing list, hence no weekly email updates. With the support of Dave at ProHosting and Dean at LMP, we'll get it sorted away soon.

Then we ran into being ignored by head publicist at the International Festival of Authors, so we slapped a little IFOA historical info for you (out of courtesy for their ongoing contributions to the writing industry) into our news section.

We were turned down to interview a favourite author of ours because we don't print on paper. Imagine that! -- bias against ezines! -- certainly not an originally concept, but one I haven't confronted in the past couple of years. Just goes to show you can't teach some old dogs new tricks.

However, considering the fact that IN is pushing into all the number one reading spots, is recognized by many writing industry professionals (this month,, we'd like to think that print authors would finally understand that the Internet is permanent and electronic publishing has changed the face of the industry. Oh well, the author's loss. We ended up with a great cover and feature without her, and present you with a fantastic sci-fi author, Julie E. Czerneda, who actually does understand the Internet's media power.

Then life became complicated. We were going to run a certain article, but after some fact checking realized it was erroneous in so many details it was mind-boggling. We realized not only was it filled with false information but it was slamming all of our readers -- indeed, all writers. It came from a newly published kid on the block (who shall remain nameless) with what appears to be a very large chip on his shoulder. All I can suggest to the lad is that honey attracts better than vinegar.

To top it all off, we seem to have misplaced one of our columnists! We believe he's doing well and soaking sun somewhere out west. It's not his style to go AWOL. We're hoping for the best -- like his car broke down and he's been simply hitchhiking home for the past few weeks. We fear the worst, though, and seriously hope all is well with him and his family.

With all of that though, this month's issue still turned out to be a blockbuster of an edition. We've brought in a 12-part series on Hollywood screenwriting -- want to make the big screen? Check out Don Vasicek's free online course on how to do just that.

Then we have Rosie Levine's backstage journalism on The Rolling Stones; an INside Authors excellent duo of featured authors, Bev Walton-Porter and Elizabeth Buchan; screenplayer Ken Robinson's Filming On A Low Fat Diet, J.R.Kambak's tome, LPFM: Airwaves For The People; and don't forget to check out our columnists and the esteemed Mr. Jung. Of course every article we publish is fantastic!

All of which makes for great IN reading.IN Icon

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