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Book Reviews
Book Reviews - October
By IN House Staff
October, 2005, 23:42

une into IN reviews for the best of How-To books about writing -- all genres -- from high adventure to haiku, from fact to fiction, cookbooks to commentary and much, much more. Always check IN to see what's in. We only publish the best and our rating scale below is based upon the values of the three Es: Ease-of-Read, Educational, and Entertaining.

If you have a how-to write book that you would like us to read and possibly write a review about (we only publish reviews of books that we deem are best of the best) please send it to us. Our snail mail address is located in our 'About' area.


Title: Picture Writing: A New Approach To Writing For Kids And Teens
Author: Anastasia Suen
Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books
ISBN: 1-58297-072-6
Reviewer: Shelley Pence
IN Rating:

Is there a recipe to writing, or possibly just a secret ingredient or two?  No, this book isn’t a magic pill, but it does provide a comprehensive look into the world of children’s literature.   The result is a wealth of information that any writer can gain from. Whether you are a beginning author struggling to draft a picture book or an experienced novelist researching a young adult biography, this book has something for you.

Picture Writing  offers solid tools and advice to help authors when facing any variety of frustrations that can arise during the writing process.  From the general steps of story design to how best to have the reader of a young adult biography relate to your book’s setting, this book has it all. Through a nicely crafted mixture of explanation and illustration Suen helps to ease any confusion facing the children’s author.

Along with solid guidance in the writing process, Picture Writing also explains the business aspects of writing for this unique market.  Suen provides a glimpse into how editors, reviewers, and booksellers perceive their industry.  These perspectives are a solid tool to use in critiquing and analyzing any work prior to submission. 

Anasastia Suen’s recipe for writing is well worth exploring.

Shelley Pence is a freelance writer and book reviewer.

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Title: The Rise of the Creative Class
Author: Richard Florida
Publisher: Best Books
ISBN: 1-58297-072-6
Reviewer: Brian J. Flanagan
IN Rating:

I know respectable authors who’d kill for the buzz on this book. What’s everyone talking about? The lunatics have been put in charge of the asylum and… profits are way (way) up. Not another bloated thought-piece or business fad of the week, this is a substantial, provocative, often inspiring work. The author serves up a stimulating blend of fresh thinking, sober judgment, amusing anecdote, and remarkable, quotable insight.

A Professor of Regional Development at Carnegie Mellon, he also backs up his arguments with a good measure of scholarly research -- enough to persuade, not so much as to induce coma. And he’s fun to read. Contrary to what many esteemed academic fuddy-duddies will tell you, e.g., the 60s were not the source of all evil. Florida makes the case that, for all its failed social experiments, the daily congress of so many creative individuals in one  hotbed of radicalism resulted in the birth of the personal computer and with it a quaint little village called Silicon Valley. Not bad, for a bunch of dopey dreamers, eh?

Brian J Flanagan is a freelance writer and editor.

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If you like this review, take a look at 'Our Members Library Of Recommended Reading' for books that have made a significant difference in our members' writing careers.

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