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INside Scoop
Revolution 9
By Daryl Jung
September, 2005, 15:01

Nine (9) is my magic number. Six (6) ain't bad either -- you know what Jimi Hendrix said.

My apartment number is nine (9). My phone number is 9090. By bank PIN is 9999. My life fell apart a bit in 1999. My mother and John Lennon and Ivan were born on the 9th. Michael Jordan wore number 9 on the Olympic Dream Team.Etc.

For their ninth (9th) issue, September 05, this month, top-level how-to rag The Writer named IN number one in their Top 25 Sites for Writers (to put aside our Writer's Digest Top 101 Sites for Writers award).

So since this is our ninth (9th) issue, we figured we'd pull out the stops and provide our readers with a blockbusting, bolstered and completely redesigned issue for the beginning of frenetic fall.

Well, if you're from the midwest U.S. (and maybe if you're not) you've heard an old expression -- "their eyes were bigger than their stomachs" -- often uttered at all-you-can-eat buffets. That, and "they bit off more than they could chew" ended up being apropos of our ninth time out.

However, despite a few technical drawbacks (literally, for us, "Houston, we have a problem...") and a self-imposed overload of work (Suz and Tabby are exhausted), we proudly present IN Number 9, wherein we've begun our quest for graphic perfection and delight on our cover and contents pages, welcomed three new columnists and a brand new feature, INside Authors, plus provided the most comprehensive coverage of Toronto's annual International Festival of Authors in the world.

And what a face to have for phase one of the cover redesign, Zadie Smith's, one of the IFOA's many beautiful participants for 2005 (for a complete list see our Cover Story and More IFOA Attendees).

Joining our crew of regular columnists is novelist Anne R. Allen, who has been enlightening us on the publishing world both in North America and Britain since IN's inception. So she's got plenty to say, and an animated, amusing way of saying it -- in IN Her Own Write.

Toronto expatriate Buzz Burza moved to New Delhi 10 and change years ago, and has been longing ever since for a regular venue to spew his skewed view of the world from his Indian perch. Hence we give you The INdia Buzz, what is bound to be a raucous and ribald tour of the planet with one of its true, original characters.

And the legendary children's author T.E. Watson, in his Write On! column, will keep us posted on the goings-on in his weird and wonderful world of whimsy -- debuting with a true chiller, I kid you not -- and how to succeed in spades at writing books for kids.

To boot, as a little extra sugar in the cake, we have newcomer Alison Tharen, a Toronto grade-school teacher and children's author whose free and breezy style -- and pragmatic approach to whatever task is presented to her -- is sure to tickle your fancy with a particular fear and loathing we all face.

Oh, and don't forget the new feature, INside Authors, a monthly introduction to good and great writers that may not normally cross your radar screen, but that are well worth knowing about. For Number 9, Lou Harry, President of Indy Men's Magazine and, spiritual and children's writer Philip Gulley, pass out do's and don'ts of the modern writing game.

We sincerely hope you dig all our changes. Keep watching IN in the coming months for more design, content and other improvements.

Finally, I and everyone at IN offer our deepest condolences to Rosie Levine, one of our most distinguished and valued contributors, on the passing of her mother this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her entire family.
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Daryl Jung
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