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INside Services
Editing, Script, And Portfolio Site Services
By IN House Staff
December, 2007, 05:30

The key to writing success is using a professional service to enhance your work.
he Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l, home to Inkwell Newswatch (IN), has four types of services to assist writers in their career and project development:

Take advantage of our pool of talented individuals who can add polish to your writing, tighten your script, and bring your portfolio in the 21st century with a well-designed and easily accessible website. To discuss any of these services or to brainstorm a creative solution for your particular needs, please contact us at, Subject: Editorial Services.


You've done your research, you've done your thinking and feeling, and you've expressed it all on the page. Now you need an editor. An editor can see the big picture of your piece and help with form and structure. An editor can add cohesiveness to the flow of your words, bringing your expression to a new level of clarity and brilliance. Perhaps you are already so clear and brilliant that you really just need a basic check for consistency, accuracy, and logic. We have at three different levels of editorial assistance to help you achieve your best work.

Basic Content & Copyediting: $23 per hour

Guidance on overall structure of the piece, and a review of the logical progression and basic accuracy of facts are given at this level of edit. Grammar, typos, and sentence structure are also corrected. Recommended revisions and corrections can be sent to you via postal mail or as an email attachment. All changes made are indicated clearly to make it extremely easy for you to see and understand. With this level of edit you will receive suggestions and questions to help your further develop your piece. The implementation of the development will be left to you.

Moderate Content & Copyediting: $29 per hour

With this service level, we pump up the Basic Content & Copyediting services explained above, adding actual revisions of content to ensure cohesiveness and flow. With this level of edit you will receive some rewritten content (rather than simply suggestive guidance) and questions for further development to help take your piece to the next level. We will be actively writing and developing content with you.

Extensive Content & Copyediting: $37 per hour

Our premiere level of editing service includes Basic and Moderate Content & Copyediting services, plus full rewrites, extensive suggestions, and collaboration with the writer on overall clarity. This level of service may also include active research (instead of just questions) if necessary, the assurance of word style and consistency throughout the document, clarity of logic, and the removal of repetitive words and repetitive nonessential writing patterns. With this service we enable you to bring home your creative vision and produce a piece to be proud of in its content, structure, and verbal presentation.

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Now that you've got the land laid out, the trees and flowers planted in exactly the right places and in exactly the right colors, it's time to engage the services of a professional weed puller and gopher remover. Our proofreading service is just that. We clean up spelling, grammar usage, and typographical errors, giving your work a professional polish. This clean up is the final stage of completing a written piece before sending it out for acceptance.

Rates: $0.08 to $0.12 per word

The rate applied to your particular piece is dependent on whether it simply needs a final set of eyes, or if you've just forged the words and let them fall on the page. Recommended revisions and corrections can be sent to you via postal mail or as an email attachment. You can then decide how you'd like to apply the recommended changes to your copy before submitting your piece for publication.

Note: The client covers all postal mailings costs.

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Script Doctoring
“Ultimately, what you are trying to do is to find what the story’s going to be: the ultimate, basic thread that you can hang everything else on. Once I have the spine of the piece, and everything that can be threaded to hang off the spine, that is it. And if I can use it, super. If I can’t use it, no matter how good the material is, it has to go.” William Goldman, screenwriter, novelist, playwright, non-fiction author and two-time Academy Award winner

“Cinematic success is not necessarily the result of good brain work but of a harmony of existing elements in ourselves that we may not have ever been conscious of. An accidental coincidence of our own preoccupations at a certain moment of life and of the publics.” Francis Truffaut from The Films In My Life

Based on the big picture concepts of these two quotes, scribes need an experienced script doctor’s logic to point out what works well among the sensations to be felt by the targeted audience – the click of recognition, the importance of tightening-of-the-screw sensations, and the mounting dramatic tensions in critically selective observations. The script doctor taps the script's deepest potential.

You will find our script doctoring services extremely valuable and highly credible among the many excellent choices available. We know what works, and here we offer the optimum service at an affordable median price range. Whether you use our services or someone else’s, remember: It is mandatory that you get credible reader coverage of your script before submitting it as the final draft.

Ergo, we tailor our professional overview for your script’s success. Please review the following categories to determine which one meets your most immediate script doctoring and development needs.

Basic Detail Compilation (Up to 130 pages): $35

Did your script hit the mark? Get written feedback based on the five basic story elements: Structure, Plot, Characters, Momentum and Style. This level of service includes: Logline/One Page Synopsis, Character List, and Beat Sheet (scene sequences and plot points identified).

Moderate Edit/Analysis: $65

Includes Basic Detail Compilation plus meticulous proofreading (suggested corrections in yellow highlight) and script crafting vs. creativity analysis.

Extensive Edit/Analysis: $100

Includes Basic and Moderate levels of service plus assistance (for 30-days) with one rewrite based on industry standards and a quick reference Final Draft AV Beat Sheet all compiled on a DVD-DL.

Script Development: $150

From inspiration to final draft, this is a one-to-one feedback offer. Good for a 30-day period, it includes Basic Detail Compilation, printed screenplay and PDF copy, and referral to Writer’s Guild for registration ($20). This service is excellent for the new scriptwriter.

Book-to-Screenplay: You may negotiate a contract independently with one of our screenplay writers. Listing available to principles only upon request.
All scripts submitted must be in Word, Final Draft, or Script Smart (free download at BBC Writer’s Room) sent via email.

All submissions are addressed on first come, first served basis, and turnaround is two weeks, unless otherwise requested for an additional charge.
Scripts that run over 130 pages cost $1.00 per page.

Note: The client covers all postal mailings costs.

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Portfolio Website Development – Get Online

As a writer, having an active Internet presence is imperative. You can house your work in showcase sites with hundreds, even thousands of others, or you can have your own, affordably built website.

You supply us with the content – written material and graphics – and we will build your interactive portfolio website pages. We'll even include blank templates for future use. The result is a consistent, professional, and attractive presentation of your written work in a portfolio that is easily accessible globally, anytime.

We can offer advice and recommendations on web hosting and domain registration services. Once you have registered a domain and have a website hosted, you are ready to have your website constructed and your content presented to the world. That's where we come in. We create the pages in HTML and upload them to your website location. Prices range from $20-50/page depending upon the complexity of the site and material.

We design your pages and upload your content to your portfolio site, and then you are in control. With the basic education provided as part of our design and construction services, you'll be able to add content and make changes yourself. You can add links and graphics to your web pages, uploading and inserting future written works using templates like a pro. We will also provide direction on making custom graphics and logos, as well as obtaining royalty-free pictures and clipart for future site development.

Alternatively, we'll be happy to work with you further to add content or make changes. (Services procured after the initial website construction are at an additional contracted cost assigned per project.) We will also provide direction on making custom graphics and logos, as well as obtaining royalty-free pictures and clipart for future site development.

For all services, higher rates are charged for technical, scientific, scholastic, and reference materials. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates are fixed once an agreement to provide services has been made.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required on all services. We accept all major credit cards and various other forms of payment. Rates are in US$.

Contact us, Subject: Editorial Services to discuss service options and rates or with any questions.IN Icon

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