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By IN House Staff
December, 2007, 05:20

Join forces and keep IN developing and expanding to fulfill your writing needs.
he Freelance Writing Organization - International and Inkwell Newswatch (IN) are involved in a few system upgrades. We all need to join forces to make them a reality.

Every once in a while we ask you to become specifically involved in the hopes that we can raise sufficient cash flow that allows us to keep our site expanding, our systems updated, and our services and resources free.

We want to thank those of you who have already contributed -- your financial support enables us to continue offering exemplary writing resources at no charge.

To those of you who have not contributed in the past we do not come to you empty-handed. In return for your financial assistance we do offer incentives:

For a $20 Silver Voluntary Contribution we supply you with a nifty and unique writer's add-in calculator for your Microsoft Windows desktop that automatically calculates what you should charge for any given piece of written work, plus a contributor's graphic. It took only a few seconds to calculate that at 10 cents/word this whole page would have cost $41.10 to write. How long does it take you to calculate this? 

$20.00 Silver Voluntary Contribution

For a $35 Gold Voluntary Contribution we provide you with all of the above, plus a special MS Windows Anagram Software Generator and access to over 80,000 free, downloadable eBooks for your reading pleasure.

$35.00 Gold Voluntary Contribution

For a $50 Platinum Voluntary Contribution we provide you with all of the above, plus, for a limited time (Jun 30th, 2007 deadline) you will receive an IN banner ad space located at the top of one of our high traffic articles (ad value $150).

$50.00 Platinum Voluntary Contribution

In other words, for $50.00 we provide you with the whole shebang! A nifty desktop writer's add-in calculator, a contributor's graphic, an Anagram Software Generator, over 80,000 free, downloadable eBooks, plus, an IN banner ad space! (Don't miss out on this limited space and time offer!)

In this age of paid monthly subscriptions and pay-per-use resources, please do your part and financially contribute to keep this site operational and up-to-date with the resources and information needed to augment your writing career.

And of course, buying advertising space in our publication is a perfect combination of providing financial support and receiving targeted exposure for your writing products and services.

Have a great month!

P.S. We've added some free banner graphics to our IN banner area. Grab one for your site.
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