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Proofreading, Editing and Portfolio Site Services
By IN House Staff
June, 2005, 11:00

The key to writing success is using a professional service to enhance your work.
he Freelance Writing Organization - International, home to Inkwell Newswatch (IN), is launching three types of new services to assist writers in their career and project development. Take a look around at both our main web site and our online publication and you can see that we know our stuff. We provide easily accessible, well written and edited work and visual designs. To discuss any of the following services please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Proofreading: (A final set of eyes)

Generally speaking, the act of proofreading involves pointing out and/or correcting typographical and punctuation errors, spelling mistakes (according to standard usage) and formatting problems found in a document.

Basic Proofreading: $25/hour; $3-5/page

If your writing has already had the 'run through' by yourself, your friends, colleagues, even an editor, basic proofreading is something that needs to be done before finally sending out your work. In other words, we act as a final set of eyes simply checking for errors to polish everything off in a neat and professional manner. Any errors found will be highlighted for your consideration.

Extensive Proofreading: $35/hour; $5-7/page

This service is for those who just want to forge the words and let them fall on the page. Recommended revisions will be shown for basic grammar, typos, sentence structure and formatting errors by highlighting the area(s) that needs to be rewritten.

Editing: (An active editorial role)

Basic Content/Copy Editing: $29/hour; $4-6/page

With this service written revisions to your writing ensure that grammar, typos and sentence structure are corrected. All changes made are shown on the page in red type to make it extremely easy for you to see what we have changed and where.

Moderate Content/Copy Editing: $37; $6-8/page

Includes the Basic Content/Copy Editing services explained above, plus moderate to somewhat extensive rewriting of content to ensure story and dialogue flow.

Extensive Content/Copy Editing: $40; $9-10/page

This service is premiere and includes all of the above, Proofreading, Basic and Moderate Content/Copy Editing, plus full rewrites, extensive suggestions and collaboration (no credit) with the writer on overall clarity, and minor follow up research to ensure accuracy (if required). It may also include the assurance of word style and consistency throughout the document, clarity of logic and removal of repetitive words and/or repetitive non-essential writing patterns.

Portfolio Web Page Construction: (Getting you online)

As a writer having an active web site presence on the Internet is imperative. You can house your work in showcase sites with hundreds, even thousands of others, or you can have your own, affordably built site and domain.

Construction of your own site is as simple as you supplying us with the written material (content and graphics/pictures) and we will build your interactive portfolio web site pages, including blank templates for future use, that will provide a professional and attractive presentation of your written work.

Service prices range from $20-50/page depending upon the complexity of the site and material. All pages are written in HTML format and uploaded to your web site location.

We can recommend a hosting and registration company if need be, but you will need to register and host the site yourself in order to maintain full control over your material.

Once we have designed your pages and your portfolio site is complete you have control. If you need additions to the system, changes made or any modifications performed, you can either come back to us (which we hope you will) or you can easily find another site designer and allow them to make the modifications.

This service includes basic education in how to make HTML changes yourself such as; adding links and graphics to web pages, inserting your future writing work using templates. We will also provide direction on where you can make your own custom graphics and logos, plus obtain royalty free pictures and clip art for future site design use.

Note: For all services above, higher rates are charged for technical, scientific, scholastic and reference materials.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required on all services. We accept all major credit cards and various other forms of payment.

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