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Top 10 Resources
Top 10 IN Resources: Communities
By Sarah E. White
June, 2005, 08:13

There are lots of holidays out there on the web that are hard to verify, and this month I’ve come across another one. June 13 to 20, apparently, is National Hermit Week (no surprise why the sponsoring organization doesn’t have a website).

As writers, we feel like hermits most of the time. But every now and then we need to seek out like-minded folks, if for no other reason than to remind ourselves that there are other people out there going through the same things we are. In honor of not being hermits, just for a little while, I bring you the top 10 resources for writers’ communities, in no particular order.

If you’re looking to break into science fiction, fantasy or horror writing and want to connect with like-minded individuals, check out Speculations, which offers a monthly market list, tons of articles on the website and the Rumor Mill, a lively discussion area that includes information on markets, rants, resources, networking and warnings.

The Berton House Writer's Residence Retreat
The Berton House Writer's Residence Retreat provides a unique opportunity for a professional Canadian creative writer to work in a remote Northern community. The writer is housed free of charge in the boyhood home of author Pierre Berton in Dawson City, Yukon.

Providing a community for writers, an online literary magazine and a ebook dominated worldview, NetAuthor also provides a library of interviews and articles and a collection of resources and links. This site is unique because it offers advice and is also a paying market so you can get practice querying, writing and editing.

Burry Man
The Burry Man Writers Center is a great resource for markets, news and business resources. But it also has a chat room known as the Pub, which is always open for writers to connect with other writers. The Pub also offers regularly scheduled chats on topics such as general writing, romance writing and writing at night.
The website formerly known as is still a great place to read and be read and to connect with other writers. You can post writing of all sorts for review and review other people’s work, as well as send comments, enter writing contests and interact with other writers through writing.

Scrawl: The Writer’s Asylum
Similar to but exclusive to poets, All Poetry gives writers the changes to show off their poetry, take online classes, enter contests suggested by other people on the site and more. There are also forums and groups here, so if you’re looking for poetry critiques and information you’re sure to find it here.

Online Writing Workshops
Sometimes we writers need to connect with other writers to get honest opinions about our work, and that’s what’s available from the fiction, romance and science fiction, fantasy and horror workshops at Online Writing Workshop. The site also provides space for private workshops to be conducted online.

Forward Motion
Founded by Holly Lisle, Forward Motion is a one-stop shop for information, discussion, marketing resources, critiques, classes and workshops, all available for free and online. (Free membership is required.) Many of the resident “writing geeks” here are quite experienced and dedicated to helping others. It’s definitely a place you should bookmark and peruse

Lyrical Line
This site claims to be the largest songwriting community on the Internet. It offers articles, information and a forum to connect with musicians, producers and others. Calls for composers, writers and musicians are posted and you can have your songs critiqued by other writers, sign up for their newsletter, or enter contests.

The Writer’s Nook
This online community evolved from a paper publication and offers regular chats on topics such as poetry, short stories, essay writing, novel writing, business and finance, wellness and mystery writing, as well as an always-on chat room There’s also information about contests, awards and markets and a general forum site.

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Sarah E. White is a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas. She is the author of “Doing The Write Thing: The Easy Way to Self-Edit” Visit her on the web at

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