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Top 10 Resources
Top 10 IN Resources: Journalism
By Sarah E. White
May, 2005, 01:48

Journalism is near and dear to my heart. Itís where I got my start writing and editing, and of course the news can provide great fodder for all kinds of writing, fiction or non-fiction. Following are the top 10 sources for all thatís fit to print and those who are printing it, in no particular order.

Poynter Online
The site claims to provide everything you need to know to be a better journalist, and I really believe it. Itís great for all sorts of non-fiction writers, even if you arenít a journalist on staff somewhere. From training to articles on sourcing, freedom of information and more, if you got a question, Poynter has the answer.

News Directory 
If youíre looking for a specific newspaper or magazine just about anywhere in the world News Directory is a great place to start. This simple site allows you to browse by newspapers by country, magazines by region or topic, and it has television stations, too. You can also search by title or zip code (U.S. and Canada only).

News Voyager
Because I love newspapers, I canít resist a site that is devoted to newspaper links. Click on a state for a list of all the newspapers with web sites in that state, or browse for weekly, international or college sites. This site also has links to media organizations and newspaper publishing groups.

Find Articles
If youíre looking for an article on a specific subject and donít care where it was published, check out Find Articles. You can search for articles from all sorts of magazines, from the Aboriginal Nurse to Repair Shop Product News (and mainstream publications). A great place to find publications to query as well as get news.

BBC News
I probably donít need to say more, but if youíre at all interested in whatís going on anywhere other than the United States, you should have the BBC bookmarked and read its site regularly. Not just the best in British news, but really great coverage of the world as well.

Columbia Journalism Review
If youíre interested in journalism criticism (news about the news) CJR is a great place to find out whatís going on. Youíll want to check out CJRDaily, a fascinating media analysis blog. Youíll also find articles from the magazine, tools for journalists and a little humor for journalists here.

A web site for alternative media, AlterNet culls the Internet for great reads from their own writers sources such as the Nation, Grist magazine and LA Weekly (not all the sources are what Iíd consider alternative media, but itís still a great site). The special coverage sections are particularly excellent, and you can get headlines delivered to your e-mail.
Another great site for non-fiction writers of all types, is particularly interested in investigative reporting and computer assisted reporting. If you need a document but arenít sure how or where to find it, these folks can help. Lots of good links here, too.

International Journalistsí Network
For news about whatís making news around the world, the International Journalistsí Network is a great source. There arenít many other places you can find stories about journalism ethics in the middle east, the coverage of war crimes in Europe and photojournalism in Georgia (the country, not the state).

Radio-Television News Directors Association
Finally one for the people who arenít all about print journalism. This site offers news about television, radio and Internet news, provides resources and training and offers a job board. Some things are for members only but itís still a good site for those who want news about broadcast news.

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Sarah E. White is a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas. She is the author of ďDoing The Write Thing: The Easy Way to Self-EditĒ Visit her on the web at

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