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By IN House Staff
December, 2007, 02:50

Mission Statement

The official name of our publication is Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Writing and Literary Ezine for Writers. It is the flagship publication of the Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l

IN is a free e-zine for experienced, intermediate and beginning writers. Each month, IN presents articles about how to write for a living, gives a glimpse into writers' lives, showcases authors and their works, reveals hidden secrets and agendas about the writing industry and its players, plus provides news and views for writers about writing.

Subscribers and patrons of the literary arts are encouraged to financially support this publication by making voluntary contributions, purchasing advertising, and sending in letters and 'how-to-write' article submissions to the editor. Financially supporting this publication allows us to avoid charging subscription fees.

Business Administration

Inkwell Newswatch (IN) and the Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l, is the brainchild of Brian Wilson, a writer, author and business entrepreneur, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He's one of those "behind the scenes guys," who concentrates on cash flow and the overall success of the many endeavours he has personally dipped his fingers into.

General Manager

Rowdy Rhodes is author of VisuaLink, many short stories and articles under various pen names, and is in the process of working on his second book, And Then There Were None . . . . He is most notable for his enormous volunteer contribution to the writing community by operating the Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l, as well as for his undying pursuit to provide new writing resources to writers.

With 25 years experience in writing, advertising, computer technology, Internet and websites, plus having been a professional management advisor to numerous small business start-ups, he is a jack of all trades with a diploma from the School of Hard Knocks. His passions in life are reading, Euchre, and travel. Email Rowdy at

Senior Editor

Julie Pierce is a lover of languages and a fan of the arts. Romantic at heart but realistic in effect, she holds degrees in Literature and Philosophy and enjoys the challenge of understanding the human race.

With 15 years of professional experience under her belt, Julie proactively continues to pursue the development of her writing and editing skills. Her professional career has led her to work for the likes of Oracle Corporation and Cisco Systems, Inc. as well as freelancing as a developmental editor and writer on varied projects in more creative realms. She is the type of editor who allows the voice of the author to come through without a strong overshadowing of her own writing voice and style. Email Julie at

Associate Editors (Alphabetical Order)

Jim Curtiss is a cultural sojourner who makes his living as a freelance editor, writer, actor, and teacher. Much of his work deals with the challenges and glories of the expatriate lifestyle. Jim and his wife Jarmila currently live in Seville, Spain. Contact him.

Anne Duguid is a features writer who loves travelling and telling other people's tales. A subeditor in the days when metal type tinkled and stone subs proofread upside down, she now freelances for newspapers and magazines in the UK and websites worldwide. Email:

Mark London is a Toronto-based freelance and assignment writer and has been with the FWO-Int'l from the early years volunteering much of his time in assisting young writers' careers. At IN you'll find him writing articles and interviewing authors, among other things. Email Mark:

Christian Marcus Lyons is an award-winning writer of screenplays, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.  His poetry can be found in a new line of greeting cards published by Blue Mountain Arts. Christian is a professional creativity coach and editor for numerous well-known authors and publications. Email:

Regular Contributors and Columnists (Alphabetical Order)

Anne R. Allen, our IN Her Own Write columnist is a California novelist and book editor. Her novels include, The Best Revenge: An Historical Novel Of The 1980s, Food Of Love, and she is currently working on her next novel and writing freelance articles. Her books are available from Amazon most bookshops.

Peggy Bechko, our Pen In Hand columnist is an author of Doubleday western novels, Harlequin romances, Fictionworks' fantasy, screenplays, animated series, and a variety of other venues. She is constantly working on new novels and screenplays. Her website can be found at:

Rob Denton, co-creator of our very own Bill The Bard, is a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and writer, currently working on a children's book. In addition to cartooning, Robert occasionally auctions his ink drawings of famous blues musicians online. Stopping by his site at will give you a full taste of his abilities.

Helen Dunn Frame, our INstruction columnist is a Syracuse University journalism school graduate, published in major newspapers, magazines and trade publications in the U.S., England, and Germany. Her writing skills and love of travel inspired her mystery novel Greek Ghosts.

J. R. Kambak is an award-nominated screen-playwright, award-winning videographer, and former corporate communications/media relations executive. He frequently shares his knowledge and experience in the Screen & Stage section of Writer's Life. Write to J. R. Kambak for more information and resources at:

Char Milbrett, our Top 10 Resources columnist is an independent researcher, online since 2000, providing writers and business professionals with information needed to complete projects, novels, articles or any other type of undertaking requiring up-to-date facts and materials. Email :

Joan R. Neubauer, our Q&A columnist is an author and works as a publisher at Joan invites you to visit her website at or contact her at She and her husband, Steve, own and operate Royalty Publishing. You can also sign up for WordWright's monthly email newsletter at her site.



Ken Robinson, IN's Write On! columnist, winner of Bare Bones Int'l Film Festival Best Screenplay Award, has written over 10 screenplays, 3 episodes of TV series West Law, is executive producer for the feature Sacred Bloods, board member of the Oklahoma Film Society, founding member of Oklahoma Movie Makers. Email Ken or visit his website.



Bev Walton-Porter, our INscribe columnist is a multi-published author, freelance writer, and writing instructor. Her work has appeared in numerous publications since she turned full-time writer in 1997. She lives in Colorado with her fiancÚ, two teenagers, and four lovely felines.

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