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Top 10 Resources
Top 10 IN Resources : Poetry
By Sarah E. White
April, 2005, 11:19

have read, though I can’t find any confirmation as far as an official sponsoring organization, that April 28 is Great Poetry Reading Day (not to be confused with Bad Poetry Reading Day, apparently celebrated August 18). I’m all for holidays that encourage people to read (and write), so in that spirit I bring you the top 10 resources for poetry readers and writers, in no particular order.

Electronic Poetry Center

The Electronic Poetry Center, a service of SUNY Buffalo, offers links to poets and poetry online, as well as a huge collection of links to poetry sites and literary magazines, plus presses that publish poetry online and off. If you’re looking for a place to get published, this page is a good place to start (click on links-subj).

Representative Poetry Online

This site, hosted by the University of Toronto library, is a treasure because of its glossary of poetics terms, timeline of poets and poetry events, a calendar of birth and death dates of poets, writings on poetry and criticism, links to poets and poetry online; searchable by poetry title, first line or last line of poem.

Academy of American Poets

Founded in 1934, the Academy of American Poets exists to support poets in all stages of their careers and to bring attention and appreciation to contemporary poetry. The site features biographical information on poets, more than 1,200 poems (including audio for some), a wonderful set on links and advice on becoming a poet (click on help).

Poetry Magic

A British site featuring all you’d ever want to know about becoming or continuing to work as a poet. This site features tons of articles, arranged for beginners and more advanced writers, on topics about everything from finding a theme to critiquing poetry, to a history of traditional poetry and several articles on rhetorical approaches and stylistics.

Write Express Online Rhyming Dictionary

Maybe you don’t really need a rhyming dictionary to be a poet, but it is fun to take a break from heavy writing by playing with this online tool that helps you find end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, beginning rhymes, double rhymes and first syllable rhymes. This site is trying to sell you something, but ignore the ads.

Steps Toward Writing Poetry

While this site, featuring a 1991 curriculum developed for the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, is meant for children, it is useful for anyone looking to grasp the basics of poetry and poetry writing and it all still applies today. It deals with imagery, rhyme, tone and more, and also recommends books to read for kids and adults.

Poetry Daily

A great site for inspiration and information, Poetry Daily features a new poem every day, including biographical information about the poet. The site also gathers poetry news and reviews and has a featured journal, which could direct you toward places you might want to publish your poetry.

Every Poet

A site for research and writing, Every Poet offers links to poets and poetry, a forum where you can post your poems for criticism, and even tinker with words. Click on play with words to access fun haiku generators and more. The site also offers a newsletter of updates, poetry, tips and nonsense.

Poetry Writing Handbook

Developed for a class at Youngstown State University, this handbook places heavy emphasis on writing about poetry, but also provides lessons on writing different forms of poetry, how to submit poetry for publication, reading lists and a list of poetry prompts. A great way to get started studying and writing poetry.

Internet School Library Media Center

Devoted to learning about and teaching poetry to children, this site has links to pages on different forms of poetry, ways to celebrate National Poetry Month or to teach poetry in the classroom, e-texts and bibliographies. This site is perfect for encouraging the budding poet in your life.

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Sarah E. White is a freelance writer and editor living in Arkansas. She is the author of “Doing the Write Thing: The Easy Way to Self-Edit” She can be reached at

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