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Send Out Your Submissions
By IN House Staff
March, 2005, 00:10

On a monthly basis, IN provides a listing of writing calls from some of the hottest online and print publications and publishers worldwide. If you're looking for work, this is certainly a great spot to start looking.

If you don't find anything of interest below, check out the Freelance Writing Organization International's employment search system at where there are thousands of postings for writing employment and calls for submissions.

Chicken Soup For The African American Woman's Soul

Email your story to Send as either an attached Word document or in the body of an email. Please read the story submission guidelines and make sure your story meets the requirements. Include your name and contact information with the story (not just in the email) — mailing address, phone, fax and email. Stories should be non-fiction (true), ranging in length between 300-1200 words (approximately).

Submissions not returned, don't send the original. The stories should create emotion, making the reader laugh, cry or get goosebumps or all of the above. Also calling for CSFTAA Man's Soul, and Teen's Soul. If you are not familiar with Chicken Soup stories, read several until you get the gist of the format.

Deadline: open


An independent textbook for reflective parenting is calling for submissions for an edited volume on reflective parenting, designed to be an alternative to the “pat answer guides” currently available on the market. This volume seeks to offer quality “think-alouds” on the relationship between parental style and child development from a diversity of perspectives, with the philosophy that there is no single right answer to how parenting should be done. Parents and/or primary care-givers from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and philosophical perspectives are encouraged to submit. Looking for thoughtful and authentic responses (1200-1500 words) to ontological issues in parenting that aren’t commonly addressed in popular handbooks on child-rearing. Please see guidelines for content specifications. Humorous anecdotes, cute or cliché stories, parenting tips/advice, lists of parenting do’s and don’ts, persuasive or dogmatic essays, overly academic papers, gimicky writing or topics that are too general. Deadline:August 1 subject : think-aloud

Explore America's Backyard

Where the heart of America is not measured in miles, but by the memorable moments shared with friends and family along the way. USA Travel Magazine, premiering online at in May, welcomes writers & readers to join us by sharing thoughts on the following topics to be featured monthly: Main Street Memories: What makes your hometown special and a great place for travelers to visit? Do you have a unique attraction or event coming up? Share it. Hometown Pride: Let us know of someone who has accomplished a great deed and given back to your community. Honor Our Troops & Veterans: Show support for coalition troops and veterans with dedications and highlights of memorials, celebrations, events & destinations of interest to them. Writers may also contact us about submitting article on destinations throughout the US. Include the name of the section in your email. Deadline: open

The Wergle Flomp Poetry Contest

It's all about poetry that should make the reader cackle with mischievous glee. Poems that are: 1) inspired nonsense 2) spectacularly awful and/or 3) intended to make fun of vanity contests. Prizes of $1190, $169, $60 and 5 honorable mentions of $38 each. No fee to enter. We seek the best parody poem that has been sent to a 'vanity poetry contest' as a joke. Judge: Jendi Reiter. Deadline: April 1

Cowboy Up!

Torquere Press is looking for a few special stories for their newest anthology of erotic lit, to be released in September. Stories submitted for Cowboy Up! should reflect all that's good about the great outdoors, about the hard working men and women that keep things going back at the ranch, or about the guys and gals that get your heart pumping at the rodeo. Gay and lesbian, please. Also looking for just a few, maybe four to six really good tales from 10,000 to 15,000 words in length. Payment: $40 for unpublished stories, (no reprints, please) plus contributor's copies and contracting for two years exclusive electronic only. Edited by Rob Knight. Deadline: May 15, publication date September 15.

Montana Magazine

Montana Magazine is published bimonthly, in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Please read our publication so you have a good grasp of our style and content. We are noted for excellent photographs and entertaining, informative writing about Montana. The magazine contains about five feature articles of 1,800 to 2,500 words, and four to six departments of 800 to 2,500 words.
Payment: Basic rate 20¢ per published word. Higher payment for assignments involving extra expenses may be arranged before publication.

Poets & Writers Call

Poets & Writers Magazine is looking for creative nonfiction. Each issue features profiles of and essays by writers, both emerging and established; articles of practical interest to writers, on such topics as book contracts, royalties, agents, and editors; and reports on writers' colonies, small presses, and literary activities around the United States. Our news section updates readers on literary current events and industry news. Poets & Writers Magazine is written mostly by freelancers.
Payment: Varies
Deadline: Open

Cemetery Dance Magazine Call

Horror, dark mystery, and suspense short stories up to 5,000 words. Query for longer material. We want tales that are powerful and emotional — creepy, chilling, disturbing, and moody. Suspense/mystery/crime tales with a horror element are always welcome.
Payment: professional rates of three to five cents per word, plus two contributor copies. Payable within 30 days of publication. Up to 5,000 words; maximum payment of $150. All rights revert to the author upon publication.
Deadline: Open

Century Magazine

Century publishes stories in a broad spectrum of styles, subjects, and lengths (anywhere from 1,000 to 20,000 words). It's impossible for us to describe the kinds of fiction that appeals to us here — for a clear sense of that, you'll have to read an issue or two — but all the stories we print do share an element of the speculative or fantastic, something tangible or intangible that separates them from most mainstream fiction (à la The New Yorker).
Payment: 4 cents per word for First World English and non-exclusive reprint rights.
Deadline: Open

Open Spaces Magazine

Open Spaces is a quarterly which gives voice to the Northwest on issues that are regional, national and international in scope, seek thoughtful, well-researched articles and insightful fiction, reviews and poetry on a variety of subjects from a number of different viewpoints. Although we take ourselves seriously, we appreciate humor as well.
Payment: Varies
Deadline: Open  

PCPhoto Magazine Call

PCPhoto is a national magazine published 8 times per year (6 bimonthly regular issues plus 2 special issues) for people who want to explore and expand their application of photography by making good use of the computer. Editorial is intended to demystify the use of modern equipment by emphasizing practical use of the camera and the computer, highlighting the technique rather than the technical.
Payment: Query
Deadline: Open

Trend Magazine Call

Trend accepts and encourages submissions! We seek quality writing and art about trends across the globe and their impacts on people and accept work in all media transmittable through the Web technology.
Payment: Query
Deadline: Open  

Eclectica Magazine Call

Eclectica is a quarterly World Wide Web journal devoted to showcasing the best writing on the web, regardless of genre. "Literary" and "genre" work appear side-by-side in each issue, along with pieces that blur the distinctions between such categories. Pushcart Prize, National Poetry Series, and Pulitzer Prize winners, as well as Nebula Award nominees, have shared issues with previously unpublished authors.
Payment: Do not currently pay contributors
Deadline: Open
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