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Send IN Your Submissions
By IN House Staff
February, 2005, 15:57

Boost your career. Send IN submissions.
We are now taking limited writing submissions for consideration. If chosen, your article will be used in Inkwell Newswatch (IN) and, you might even win our coveted Submission Award!

We are looking for writers who are talented, creative and experienced in the craft of writing and who are willing to educate and entertain their peers.

Our writers provide previously unpublished "how-to write" articles, author interviews, feature stories, writer lifestyle pieces, and writing industry news.

Currently we offer writers the opportunity to exchange articles for ads, excerpts and promotions of their existing work to our readership, as well as the placement on our masthead as a contributor [see below for further details].

These initial positions can lead to future paid assignments and writing opportunities, plus if you are good enough and consistent enough, you just might get a paid column within our publication.

Categories of interest:

Generally speaking, we are open to all how-to articles concerning all genres of writing, including but not limited to, fiction, non-fiction, children's lit, poetry, screenplays, theatrical plays, internet/technical and business.

To understand what quality of writing cuts the grade with us for inclusion in our publication, please read our publication before sending in a submission.

So, if you have something you would like to get credit for, receive free exposure, gain experience or an entry for your portfolio and see your work in print, let us know by following our guidelines below and sending us a submission or query.

All submissions and queries must be within the body of an email. No attachments of submissions or query letters will be opened.

If sending a submission please include (if possible) all of the following:

  • Author picture .jpg or .gif 100x100 max 10KB
  • Author bio max 50 words
  • Author website url and email address for publishing
  • Article content picture .jpg or .gif 200x230 max 20KB
  • Excerpt content within the body of submission email (see "Excerpt/Banner Explanation" below) max 500 words, currently published, not "to be published"
  • Excerpt picture (see "Excerpt/Banner Explanation" below) .jpg or .gif 200x230 max 20KB

- Picture files can be sent as attachments.
- Do not compress any files into an archive. Compressed files are automatically deleted.
- Do not send your actual submission or query as an attachment!

Excerpt/Banner Explanation:

In exchange for using your article we offer not only the opportunity to place your banner within our publication, we also offer an additional banner to be included in our rotator displayed throughout our website. If and when your submission is chosen we will give you the graphics' specifications and where to send them.

We will also, at times, run excerpts of your existing work to compliment your how-to article on writing, thereby also providing an example of what you do for our readers to see first hand.

If this is going to be the case and you are sending in a how-to write article and have an existing work already published, such as a book, screenplay, poetry, etc., please include a maximum excerpt of 500 words at the bottom of your submission.

You will also need to include the date it was published or used, who published or used it, and a web site link to where we can see the work. An ISBN #, if applicable, makes our life a lot easier as well.

If you have a picture that compliments your excerpt please send it along with your submission. The same goes for a picture that compliments your article. See above for picture file sizes and formats.


By sending your submission to us you agree to the following:

Inkwell Newswatch (IN) is offered exclusive first publishing rights, with the additional right to edit, archive, re-use and syndicate the content. Upon publishing your submission IN acknowledges that copyright and additional publishing rights revert to the author for use in any way they see fit to use the published article in conjuction with our rights above. You further agree that the following line of text and/or link will be included in any and all reprints:

"First published by Inkwell Newswatch (IN)"

IN writers and submitters to IN, make sure you are signed up to our site mailing list We send out a mailing from there (Writers Site News) that announces not only the new issue of IN, but also special calls and information about our site, this publication and other information you will need to, at times, know.

Send your submissions to: subject IN Submission. Please follow the above directions.

Note: You will be informed within 90 days of whether or not we will use your submission. This helps to ensure that, if the piece is not used by IN, you can submit it to other publishers without breaching our exclusive first publishing rights above. If you have not heard from us within 90 days, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest.

PS If you have an existing website, please ask about our free syndication feed by sending an email to subject IN Syndication.IN Icon

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