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High Expectations
By Helen Dunn Frame
January, 2008, 15:10

n 2006 I began writing for Inkwell Newswatch submitting articles one by one. When a spot opened up for a columnist several months later, I was delighted to be asked to write INstruction. Helping new writers learn about the craft and possibly reminding seasoned creators about things that may have slipped their minds has been a great opportunity. 

However, the best thing about working with IN was establishing friendships with General Manager Rowdy Rhodes and Senior Editor Julie Pierce. Rowdy has been helpful and encouraging, giving of himself, and Julie is an outstanding editor, easy to work with. We make a great team!

These individuals have worked hard to keep IN current and interesting. I look forward to viewing an outstanding revamped site that will appeal to even more readers.

While IN is on hiatus, check out my book Greek Ghosts and my other endeavours at A friend described the mystery as "a great book to read poolside or on a plane." While this may be true, it plods deeper if you check out the Greek names and read between the lines.

Greek Ghosts is the first in a series featuring Jennifer Haslett Vandergriff and Lady Sarah Clark. Wetumpka Widow, the second in the series, is being created with the same characters the storyline inspired by some real life experiences.

Another book in the offing has the working title Don't Leave Your Intelligence At The Border (with the lost luggage)! These anecdotes will include episodes from my own adventure living in Costa Rica, the adventures of others dwelling here, and tidbits I've discovered from various sources. Hopefully it will teach readers to ask certain questions when they are contemplating moving to and investing in this part of Central America. 

In 2008, I became Editor of Coldwell Banker Costa Rica Vista magazine, an attractive real estate tool that goes beyond listings to help the reader garner information about the country and its people. Soon it will have its own website too, which I plan to link to my site.

With high expectations for a dazzling, new IN, I eagerly look forward to continuing to contribute once the new site is launched. Look for my column to resume in 2009.

Helen Dunn Frame. A Syracuse University journalism school graduate, published in major newspapers, magazines and trade publications in the United States, England, and Germany. Her writing skills and love of travel led her to write her mystery novel Greek Ghosts. Email: Web site:

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