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IN Her Own Write
By Anne R. Allen
January, 2008, 15:40

íve been hanging around the old INkwell since its first issue, so Iíll be going through some serious withdrawal during its make-over Ė jonesing for my wonderful editors, fellow INsters, and most of all, my readers. I have loved hearing from all of you who wrote me. 
But Iím telling myself this will free up more of my time for right-brain stuff like poetry. I won some money in a national poetry competition last month Ė a reminder that thereís value in non-market-driven writing.

Iíll still be working in "green" journalism. Check out and look for one of my pieces in an upcoming anthology, edited by Martin Keo, called Living Now.

Plus Iíll keep pounding out fiction and knocking on the unyielding doors of U.S. literary agencies. Iím stockpiling some major literary inventory. I hope youíre all doing the same.

You can stay in touch with me at Iím still available for the occasional editing job and I want to hear how your writing careers are progressing.

For those of you who are missing my industry and agent news, I recommend Agent Query for the webís best free agent info, plus their great forum, AQ Connect, where writers can network. Iíll see you there. Look for "Lavinia."

Or maybe weíll meet exchanging comments on agent blogs. Here are some of my favourites:

  • PubRants, daily advice from super-helpful Denver agent Kristin Nelson.
  • The Rejector "I donít hate you. I just hate your query letter." A blog written by an anonymous intern in a New York agency.
  • BookEnds Best site for womenís fiction advice and useful critiques of query letters and hooks.
  • For the young California dudeís perspective, try He runs his own contests, too.
  • A new, fun blog for womenís fiction is Ask Daphne!
  • And for those still mourning the demise of Miss Snark, there is Janet Reid Ms. Reid, of FinePrint Literary Management, isnít Miss Snark Ė that is, she doesnít devote hours a day to blogging and Crap-O-Meters Ė but Iím pretty sure she did play Miss Snark in the blogosphere from 2004-2007. (Same blog format; same obsession with Jack Reacher novels; same taste in footwear.)

You can also read the information-packed Snarkives, kindly indexed by Miss Adventure

But beware: blogs can be addictive time-wasters. Write your dayís pages first.

Iíll see you all back here in a bigger, better Inkwell Newswatch in 2009!

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Anne R. Allen is a California novelist and freelance writer. Her latest comic novel, The Best Revenge, (Babash-Ryan) debuted in the UK in 2005 and is available from and most UK bookshops. Her first novel with Babash-Ryan, Food of Love is available from and as well as

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