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Resource Redirect
By Julie A. Pierce
January, 2008, 16:40

appy 2008 to our readers! I wish everyone here a year of prosperity and clarity in the direction of your writing paths.

As the fireworks exploded over Lac Léman in Geneva, I thought about all the wonderful things achieved in 2007 and the prospect of what can be developed in 2008. The night was dark and cold, while the explosions were bright and hot, reminding me of the contrasts we face every day. I was inspired by the blossoms of fire and light, and I'm carrying this energy in my intentions for the future of Inkwell Newswatch.

This year brings new challenges as we aim for improvement and expansion of our goals in the coming months. After a few solid years of operation for IN, the time has come for significant redevelopment to improve usability and quality of content.

For these reasons, Inkwell Newswatch is on temporary hiatus, freeing up our limited time and resources to focus on these projects. Most of the publication's developments will occur behind the scenes with labour-intensive effort, leaving little room for the management and production of a monthly publication.

While the redevelopment of IN is underway, the archives will remain active. You can explore three years of content via these archives containing 1,100+ articles. Check out our interviews with Rebecca Forster, David Morrell, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Leonard Cohen, Charles Ghigna, Lee Gutkind, Jonathan Kellerman, Robert Priest, George Murray, and Philip Carlo. Those are just some of the great writers we've had the pleasure of featuring on our cover. You can also explore the wisdom of our regular contributors and columnists, who have brought you guidance and know-how every month.

Dive in!

Writers Site News (WSN), the FWO emailed newsletter, will continue to be sent out to our registered users, keeping you up-to-date on developments, calls, and markets, plus sending you ideas and tips on writing. If you are not already subscribed to WSN, then you are missing out on a portion of what this site offers, including access to our resource database containing thousands of writing websites. You can sign up now with our main site to make sure you receive WSN and to take advantage of all that membership has to offer. Being subscribed is the sure-fire, best way to be the first to know when Inkwell Newswatch returns with a new edition.

Rowdy and I, plus a small posse of programmers, will be diligently working on the various projects in the coming months. When the new systems are launched they will be bigger and better than ever before. Count on it.

You may continue to send in submissions; however, be aware that they will not be published until 2009. As always, please review our submissions guidelines prior to submitting.
We thank you for your patience, and I wish you the best of luck and success in 2008!

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Julie A. Pierce
Senior Editor
Inkwell Newswatch

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