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We're Getting Older! Thank you!
By Rowdy Rhodes
December, 2007, 07:59

Season's Greetings Everyone!
As the cold month of December turns into the dark days of January, winter sets in and reminds me to take stock of what we have collectively accomplished here. December 2005 marked the debut edition of Inkwell Newswatch (IN), yet also, in retrospect, it made a deep mark upon my soul.

The contributions made by all of the writers and interviewees over the past three years, who have willingly volunteered their time and expertise to educate and entertain, disseminating the ins and outs of writing have been enormous. And there are far, far too many contributors to list here individually.

Many have come and gone, moving on to other pursuits, while others have been with the publication since this baby's birth. Inkwell Newswatch has, to date, withstood the trials and tribulations associated with a new launch, gummed a couple teeth, has fallen down a few times, and even had a number of tantrums along the way things to be expected from any infant.

Writers of almost every genre have contributed to this publication. I want to thank you personally, from the depths of my soul for what you have done. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, is more appreciated by me than they can ever possibly know.

I am deeply indebted to Julie Pierce, our Associate Editors, our Columnists and regular contributors, for without these unique individuals you would not be reading this ezine. I would also like to thank Joan Neubauer of WordWright Book Publishers and Cait Myers of BeWrite Book Publishers for supplying a multitude of new interviews for our INside Authors section during the past year.

I must admit I have had severe doubts at times as to whether IN would continue on. Yet here it is, once again, another edition successfully assembled.

I'm amazed that we have progressed this far. All of the progression lies at the doorsteps of those who have been dedicated, who persevered and sacrificed each and every month to make this publication come together. Whether you have contributed one article of noteworthy writing knowledge or two dozen articles of in-depth insights into the world of writing, all of you are to be commended.

If you have been around for a while with us, either as a reader, writer or both, you'll recognize these words:

"The ripple effect of what we do here is much like dropping a rock into a pond, watching the waves flow out and observing their return. The difference being that our consolidated knowledge is the stone and the returning waves are now experienced writers, launching careers, who in turn influence thousands of others with their words. Take this to heart, because that is what we all do here, and be proud of the accomplishment." It is as true today, as the first day I penned it, and I stand by these words to you.

There is a time in every writer's life when the accomplishment far outweighs the sweat and toil of putting words to paper, thoughts into sentences, and meeting deadlines. For me this is one of those times.

I hope you'll join me in congratulating one another, recognizing what we have achieved, appreciate the volume of knowledge we have assembled here, and then give yourself a high-five for our third year of existence.

Take a moment to look back through our archives and you will find that Inkwell Newswatch is slowly growing up under the tender loving care of all that are, and have been, involved. Thanks to you, next month, next year, there will be more knowledge accumulated, strewn like seeds into the fields of writers' minds around the globe, making a positive difference in their growth.

I wish you and yours all the best during the coming year, and thank you, one and all.

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Rowdy Rhodes is the Site Manager of The Freelance Writing Organization International and General Manager of Inkwell Newswatch (IN). He is also known to freelance an article or two when the fancy strikes him. If you are looking for written content for your website, ezine, or print publication, drop him a line at He'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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