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Career Fair For Women
By Barbara Bordenave
December, 2007, 07:30

Tory Johnson is an internationally recognized employment expert who, through her position as Workplace Contributor on ABC's Good Morning America, reaches millions of television viewers each month. But that's not the only hat that Johnson wears; she is also the founder and CEO of Women for Hire, a company that promotes job opportunities for women. On top of these successes, she is also a published author with several books behind her.

Johnson began writing books for a few reasons. As she explains it, "I'd give speeches and people would ask for copies of them, which I didn't have since much of it was from my head. I'd give advice in coaching sessions and people would ask for the advice in written form. Following my TV appearances, I'd receive email after email from people asking where they could buy my books, even though I didn't have any. It became so apparent that there was a market for books on women's career advancement. While a lot of work goes into researching and writing each one, it is also rewarding when the finished product helps someone accomplish her goals."  

Johnson's books include the following titles:

  • Women For Hire: The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Job
    This book gives specific advice to women seeking employment, such as tips on networking, making a good impression, submitting a resume, and being prepared for the interview process. Valuable tips on obtaining a good salary and the best possible benefits at work are also explained.
  • Women For Hire's Get-Ahead Guide To Career Success
    A guide for professionals at every level, this title teaches networking skills and presents strategies for advancing oneís career, including rules of etiquette, secrets to success and how to enjoy that success once itís been achieved, as well as the importance of being pro-active. Case studies of professionals who knew what they wanted and went on to achieve success are also included in the book.
  • Take This Book To Work: How To Ask For (And Get) Money, Fulfillment, And Advancement
    Johnson's third book encourages job seekers to ask essential questions while avoiding particular questions, and is unique in its treatment of topics concerning women in the workplace, women seeking a career, and women who have already achieved professional success.

Will Work From Home is to be released from Penguin Putnam in January 2008, this book will explore money-making opportunities for the stay-home professional.

In addition to her publishing and media activities, Johnson also puts on a series of career fairs, at which she is readily accessible.

Below are the Spring 2008 dates for the Women for Hire Career Expos, where, if youíre lucky, you might just be able to convince her to sign your copy of Take This Book To Work!

Spring '08

  • Washington, DC: Feb. 28
  • St. Louis: Mar. 04
  • Chicago: Mar. 06
  • Minneapolis: Mar. 18
  • Dallas: Mar. 25
  • New York: Mar. 27
  • Atlanta: Apr. 01
  • Los Angeles: Apr. 10
  • Boston: Apr. 15
  • Philadelphia: Apr. 17

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Barbara Bordenave is a freelance magazine writer and a script supervisor for independent films. Her passion is screenwriting, and she's working on the next Rush Hour. Her goal is to speak to the reader in every scripted word.

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