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Unotchit LongPen™
By IN House Staff
November, 2007, 07:51

Author Margaret Atwood's unlikely invention The LongPen™ is a pen, like any other pen, except it operates over the Internet using electricity and fibre optics. But from your perspective, it still works via your brain, eyes, arm, and hand, like any other pen. It's just that the nib and ink are at a different location from you.
Unotchit Inc. was incorporated on July 8, 2004 with a mandate to develop and patent a remote signing device coupled with a video conferencing system to enable celebrities to remotely interact with fans and sign books, CDs, and other memorabilia.
In 2006, Unotchit Inc. conceived and developed the LongPen™ Network to seamlessly link authors and other celebrities from their preferred location to a network of retail locations around the world. Additionally, the Network may be used to enhance special events allowing celebrities, from their home, office, or their hotel to interact and sign items for fans at any marquee location in the world.
For The Signer
Before the one-on-one signings with your fans, you can do a reading, speech, or Q&A that will appear in real time on a big screen via video conferencing at the event location, perhaps thousands of miles away.
This is captured by the system for downloads to websites, cell phones, iPods, and so on, depending upon what you and your publisher, agent, or producer decides is most useful. The more downloads, the more people will know that you have a new book, a new CD, a new film, or other product. This is why the LongPen™ is not just a long distance signing device, but an all-in-one marketing machine, helping to drive sales of whatever you are promoting.
Performing A LongPen™ Event

Perform for the camera to make your event a real success. The energy you save by not traveling should go into that performance. For the autograph session itself, you sit in a chair with an electronic writing tablet on the table in front of you. This tablet shows an image of what you are signing at the event location. There is also a vertical screen at face level that shows the fan at the other end. You and your fan can be eye-to-eye and even have a chat if you like.
According to fans, this is a more intimate experience than a traditional signing, as you are looking directly into the face of the fan, as opposed to briefly looking up from your chair when signing in person. The video conferencing also makes it easier for the fan to be expressive about your work, as the technological distance makes them less nervous.
The book, CD, or other object that you will autograph is placed under the pen at the other end. It is captured on camera, so you see it on the electronic tablet in front of you. You pick up the magnetic pen and sign it. The tablet is essentially like a piece of paper – you can rest your hand on it. After you've created your signature, pushing Send causes the pen to inscribe the object, in real ink, at the other end. It writes everything exactly as you have written it at your end on your tablet.
But the all-in-one marketing machine pumps up the volume even more, thanks to viral marketing. The fan can download their interaction with you for a fee, which goes to charity. The publicity and marketing revolution that the LongPen™ introduces means that people can share that download via email, websites, cell phones, and iPods, helping to sell both you and what you are promoting.
All this without the travel – saving fuel, diminishing pollution, and making the world a greener place.
More than 40 authors have used the LongPen™ to sign books for fans all over the world. By foregoing air travel, these green-minded writers have saved the planet over 45 metric tonnes of carbon emissions.*
Some of the authors who have used this invention include, Dean Koontz, Alice Munro, Diana Gabaldon, Robert Kennedy Jr., Norman Mailer, and of course Margaret Atwood, to name a few.
For a full listing of these "green" authors, please visit For full details on this product go to
*All calculations are courtesy of A Partner of Environment Canada

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